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Team Spikeithard photos during the PVC 2011 by Marc Ti

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A few months ago, the Muscle Tape folks organized a photo shoot for all of its sponsored teams including Team Spikeithard Men’s and Women’s Volleyball. Photos by Marc Ti.

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2011 PVC Open kicks off this Jan. 30 at JRU gym

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If RunRio is to running, then PVC or Progressive Volleyball Center is its volleyball counterpart in a way and will hopefully become the country’s top volleyball tournament organizer as it continues to grow the sport by staging professionally-run volleyball leagues.

Spearheaded by Coach Ariel Joaquin, PVC is now on its 4 (or 5) years of existence and is gaining popularity when it comes to open volleyball tournaments in the Metro. From hereon, PVC will stage 2 tournaments every year namely: PVC Invitational on August to October, and PVC Open on January to March.

January 30 – March 27, 2011

The 2011 PVC Open is all set and will start this January 30, 2011 (Sunday). All games will now be held at JRU gym in Mandaluyong which is great venue since you have 2 courts and adjustable bleacher-type seats. Another improvement this year is the game schedule – there will be no more early morning games! All women’s games are from 2-4pm, men’s games will be 4pm onwards. Here are the participating teams for the 2011 PVC Open:

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