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Shakey’s V-League Season 7 (2nd Conference): Team Lineup, Game Schedule

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Here are the 2010 Shakey’s V-League Season 7 Second Conference game schedule and team lineups. As of June 30, 2010:

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Twisted Thoughts #1: Pilot

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By: Jannie Gavile, Benj Zabat and Bea Samson

Hello everyone! We’re back! Yes, it’s Jannie Gavile and Benj Zabat! We’re bringing you a new corner called Twisted Thoughts which will be our name for the rest of the year.

If you guys are wondering what this article is is all about, well, we have a new group name now because we have a new member in Bea Samson! She is a Physics major in University of the Philippines. She is also a diehard volleyball fan of different teams. You guys welcome her!

Now, with UST not joining, 2 promising teams will suit up for the first time: the NU Lady Bulldogs and the UPHDS Lady Altas. With the addition of these squads, the V-League will still be a tight race among the 8 the eight teams. The league’s mainstays are the Adamson Lady Falcons, Ateneo Lady Eagles, College of St. Benilde Lady Blazers, FEU Lady Tamaraws, Lyceum Lady Pirates, and the San Sebastian Lady Stags.

So, this coming conference, which teams will be your bets? Hmm. Can’t decide?

Here’s a very good team by team analysis. Then maybe after, you can already pick your Final Four with our help. Enjoy!

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The Green Corner #12: Gearing Up

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Summer Heat is on! Shakey’s V-League unwraps today at the Arena with ten teams joining.

It’s been almost a month since UAAP ended, and here we are, back again at the helm to give our readers a preview of what would be the V-League like this coming conference.

It’s sad that La Salle didn’t join this conference but it’s okay since there are a lot of teams who are really as strong as well. There are three provincial teams who surely beefed up their rosters, one in fact, even hired a Thai guest player. Aside from that, they are getting a lot of guest players here in Manila. I actually think that this V-League, though short, will be as exciting, or maybe even more than the past conferences.

Likewise, looking at the line-ups of teams, this ones bound to be a competitive league. I see at least 5 teams contending for the crown namely UST, Ateneo, Lyceum, Adamson and San Sebastian. I have yet to see the other teams play too so I’m not sure.

Let’s enjoy this summer conference and as much as possible support Philippine Volleyball!

The Games this coming Sunday for the Shakey’s V-League Season 7, 1st Conference are as follows:

Sunday, April 11, 2010
venue: San Juan Arena

1 PM: Opening Ceremonies
4 PM: FEU vs UST

Here are our predictions for the coming games and the list of our predictions…

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Shakey’s V-League Season 7 First Conference Team Lineups

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Shakey's V-League

It’s V-league volleyball action time once again! The opening of the first conference of Shakey’s V-League Season 7 will commence this April 11 (Sunday) at the San Juan Arena. There’s going to be a total of 10 teams participating and these teams are divided into Group A and Group B.

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Heating Up

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Games in the V-League conference are heating up. After Benilde upset Ateneo and Adamson beat FEU and San Sebastian, the matches on Friday are just going to be as exciting. However, Adamson and UST are favored come Thursday. Adamson will be facing Benilde. The danger however is that Benilde will be playing without pressure while Adamson will want to catch up to either make sure of a Final Four berth or at least a playoff game. Ateneo meanwhile is in a tough situation. They will face the top team of the conference, UST. It will be a tough road but time and time and again Ateneo has shown that they are a tough team to crack, only inconsistent.

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Shakey’s V-League Season 6 (2nd Conference) Team Line Up

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Shakey's V-League Season 6 (2nd Conference)

It’s time once again for the Shakey’s V-League tournament to take center stage. Its 2nd Conference for Season 6 is fast approaching. I think it should commence sometime this October? Last time around, it was the University of Santo Tomas that captured the crown during the 1st conference. The Tigresses defeated then defending champs San Sebastian College-Recoletos in 3 sets.

After taking a look at the latest Shakey’s V-League team line up info, looks like UST will be missing the services of their MVP player Mary Jean Balse. (To my initial disbelief, I did go over the list at least 3x before it dawned to me that UST will really be “Balse-less” this time around). She will be replaced by running spike specialist Roxanne Pimentel as UST’s guest player.

Here are some other interesting stuff I noticed in the team lineup:

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Watch the Shakey’s V-League Finals Game 3 live webcast today (as in now na!)

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For those of you like me who won’t be able to watch the Shakey’s V-League championship game 3 today at The Arena in San Juan between University of Santo Tomas and San Sebastian College-Recoletos, we can just watch it live from our PCs!!! I’ve been out of the loop for quite some time now so I’m sure you guys already know by now that the folks over at the official website came up with a Live Webcast page where we can all watch the finals game (as well as the previous ones from the archives) via live video streaming.

Finals Game1 – SSC defeated UST in 3 sets: 25-17, 25-22, 25-19
Finals Game2 – UST defeated SSC in 3 sets: 25-21, 25-22, 25-23
Finals Game3 – TODAY!!!

You can catch the live webcast over at where all the fans should already be tuned in by now. But if you are finding it hard to load the page probably because of the heavy traffic caused by the thousands of live webcast viewers, you can also watch is directly at their page. Or…

Note too sure if this will work, but I have also tried embedding the Live Webcast over at in this blog post so you can also watch it here. So who do you think will win, UST or SSC?

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Shakey’s V-League Season 6 First Conference quarter finals game schedule

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Shakey's Vleague Season 6 First Conference quarter finals game schedule

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Shakey’s V-League Season 6 kicks off tomorrow

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Shakey’s Vleague Season 6 opens on April 19, 2009 Sunday. Hey, that’s tomorrow!! (Too bad I won’t be able to witness the opening games since I’ll be at the Greenfield City Run). As usual, the opening ceremonies of V-League 6 will take place in the Flying-V Fil-Oil Arena (better known as The Arena), San Juan City. Opening games tomorrow will be:

  • 1:00PM Opening Ceromonies
  • 2:00PM Ateneo vs. Adamson
  • 4:00PM San Sebastian vs. UST

Photo by Dondi Nolasco

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Shakey’s V-League Season 6 First Conference game schedule

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Shakey's Vleague Season 6 First Conference game schedule

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