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Army tossers whip FEU Tams in opener (from Manila Bulletin)

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I checked out most of online newspapers today just to see what’s under the Sports sections. It’s pretty obvious that everyone is still savoring Pacquiao’s ninth round TKO victory over David Diaz. The match was entitled “Lethal Combination” and it took place last June 28, 2008 at the Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel and Casino. I was able to watch the delayed telecast last Sunday (already knowing that the Pacman won over the radio coverage). It was a great fight every Filipino boxing fanatic is bound to remember. I also noticed Pacman’s English skills are getting better every time!

Going to back to Sports news, I was actually hoping to get some news about the PVF National Volleyball Open 2008. Sadly (and unfortunately expected), there weren’t too many newspapers covering the event. The only article I came across was this:

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Watching the PVF National Open 2008 opening matches

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June 30, 2008 – As I’ve said before, the end of June marks a week-long battle for volleyball supremacy to be contested at the PVF National Open 2008. After several years of absence, the National Open stages it’s comeback this year. Teams from Philippine National Police, Philippine Air Force, Philippine Navy, Philippine Army, FEU, St. Jude College, GTX, NCBA, RTU, RP Youth, and Klownz heeded the call of the PVF to adhere in the said event. The opening salvo featured four matches of the men’s division.

Here are the game I got to witness by watching the PVF National Open live at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum…

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31st World Volleyball Congress

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I stumbled upon an article / letter on the FIVB website that says something about a world volleyball congress. I wonder if we have representatives on the said even. Here’s the letter from

UPDATE: Rustico Camangian (better known as “otiecspike” who works for PVF I suppose) comments and says,

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2008 Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF) Inter-Collegiate Volleyball tournament

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The last time I heard about the PVF, short for Philippine Volleyball Federation (formerly PAVA), on the news was when the Philippines almost got banned from hosting international volleyball events because PVF failed to settle its dues to the FIVB (Federation Internationale de Volleyball) when our country hosted a leg for the 2005 World Grand Prix. This was a long long time ago, so I think this issue has been settled already. PVF is known as the country’s governing body when it comes to volleyball.

Got this info from the forum website posted by stonecold316. Here’s the tournament info for the 2008 PVF Inter-Collegiate Volleyball tournament…

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