Remembering the 2005 23rd SEA Games Volleyball – photos by Kieron Tan

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2005 23rd SEA Games

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Delightful Deductions #2: First round hullabaloos

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Good day everyone! It’s the start of the 2nd round today. We know you guys are all excited, some are quite affected because of the recent happenings in the controversy, but it’s all water under the bridge now and it’s time to get the action going starting later!

For sure, the games later will be exciting since both UP vs NU and ADMU vs UST were five-setters in the first round. Let’s see if there will be reversals of wins or if the winning team will sweep the other. Good Luck to both teams indeed! 🙂

Today, we’ll pretty much sum up the 1st round as to how you’d like it with a special guest in UST legendary player and TV commentator Mozzy Ravena. So enjoy our analyses and feel free to comment below! Hopefully, she’ll become a regular here in SpikeItHard and that she will continue to entertain us. 🙂

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Delightful Deductions #1: UAAP Season 73 Primer

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The UAAP season 73 cannot come fast enough. Imagine, it has been a year (or at least a couple) of months since the last season ended. Many things have happened since…from the transfer of some players to some players who would not play anymore or would skip their playing year due to some reason which makes this season a whole lot more interesting. Recruitment wars have been up and some teams showed what they can do during the pre-season tournaments. With this, we will present to you our analyses and predictions of the upcoming season. With this we present to you SpikeItHard’s UAAP Season 73 Primer! 😀

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Some inspirational volleyball quotes to live by

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It was raining hard last Wednesday and I got stuck inside a university campus. I was trying to reserve a court for Team Spikeithard’s volleyball training / try-outs for this Saturday. But the school’s college covered courts will be closed the entire weekend because of Undas. I was watching the heavy rain pour down then I got across this Ateneo Volleyball Club poster (was surprised to know there existed one) and then eventually landed at their website. And this is where I saw this wonderful volleyball quote:

“No volleyball play can begin without a serve, and the serve is the only technique that is totally under your control. In other endeavors, you cannot succeed without believing in yourself, and that belief is completely under your control.” — Karch Kiraly —

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Facebook Trash-talking: What you say in your Wall reflects the kind of person you really are

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In the world of social networks, your Facebook account has indeed become an extension of yourself. You can say, share, upload whatever you want for the whole wide world to see by default (unless you limit your privacy settings accordingly of course). On the other hand, you also get fooled, stalked, your identity stolen, posers meet up and steal from you, you can even get raped, and all other sorts of stuff. Facebook has revolutionized the social media and will continue to do so. And then there’s also Facebook trashtalking so to speak where people bad-mouth you telling all sorts of stuff without telling the whole story. They would insult you in front of their friends so everyone else can jump in without even bothering to confront you face to face first. You can also call it, Facebook back-stabbing.

What most people do not realize is that all the stuff you post on your Facebook Wall (or blog about in the case of personal blog sites, or tweet in the case of Twitter) truly reflects the kind of person you really are. And here’s a case in point that happened recently which started in a game of volleyball…

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Twisted Thoughts #1: Pilot

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By: Jannie Gavile, Benj Zabat and Bea Samson

Hello everyone! We’re back! Yes, it’s Jannie Gavile and Benj Zabat! We’re bringing you a new corner called Twisted Thoughts which will be our name for the rest of the year.

If you guys are wondering what this article is is all about, well, we have a new group name now because we have a new member in Bea Samson! She is a Physics major in University of the Philippines. She is also a diehard volleyball fan of different teams. You guys welcome her!

Now, with UST not joining, 2 promising teams will suit up for the first time: the NU Lady Bulldogs and the UPHDS Lady Altas. With the addition of these squads, the V-League will still be a tight race among the 8 the eight teams. The league’s mainstays are the Adamson Lady Falcons, Ateneo Lady Eagles, College of St. Benilde Lady Blazers, FEU Lady Tamaraws, Lyceum Lady Pirates, and the San Sebastian Lady Stags.

So, this coming conference, which teams will be your bets? Hmm. Can’t decide?

Here’s a very good team by team analysis. Then maybe after, you can already pick your Final Four with our help. Enjoy!

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The Green Corner #12: Gearing Up

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Summer Heat is on! Shakey’s V-League unwraps today at the Arena with ten teams joining.

It’s been almost a month since UAAP ended, and here we are, back again at the helm to give our readers a preview of what would be the V-League like this coming conference.

It’s sad that La Salle didn’t join this conference but it’s okay since there are a lot of teams who are really as strong as well. There are three provincial teams who surely beefed up their rosters, one in fact, even hired a Thai guest player. Aside from that, they are getting a lot of guest players here in Manila. I actually think that this V-League, though short, will be as exciting, or maybe even more than the past conferences.

Likewise, looking at the line-ups of teams, this ones bound to be a competitive league. I see at least 5 teams contending for the crown namely UST, Ateneo, Lyceum, Adamson and San Sebastian. I have yet to see the other teams play too so I’m not sure.

Let’s enjoy this summer conference and as much as possible support Philippine Volleyball!

The Games this coming Sunday for the Shakey’s V-League Season 7, 1st Conference are as follows:

Sunday, April 11, 2010
venue: San Juan Arena

1 PM: Opening Ceremonies
4 PM: FEU vs UST

Here are our predictions for the coming games and the list of our predictions…

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The Green Corner #11: Green or Yellow?

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The Finals has been exciting in a way that we can see a lot of rallies. Especially in the Men’s. Those three sets were fun. I mean, if you would look at it, after the game, it’s as if you actually witnessed a five-setter game because of how both teams played. The women’s game kind of bored me. UST just really showed dominance over La Salle in Game 1 especially in the third set. Was hoping for a closer game, but then since I predicted a UST win last time in 3 to 4 sets, I should not have expected. Haha. Silly me.

I heard tomorrow will be a reunion of some sorts for the UST alumni/alumnae athletes not just in volleyball but also in basketball, swimming, etc. I guess the community in Espana is just so psyched up to win the games tomorrow. I just love how the supporters of UST come out to support their teams. It’s as if the school spirit in this schools is very much alive and that they really inspire and encourage their athletes to do their best.

I hope the La Salle crowd won’t be outnumbered much though tomorrow. After all, they are still the defending champions. I’m sure a lot of LaSallians out there will support the girls to force a decider on Wednesday. Gang Green will be supporting the team tomorrow so I’m expecting a non-stop cheering.

Prepare for some wild but fun action tomorrow. I’m sure the game tomorrow will be celebrity-studded or at least in sports. Have fun guys! 🙂

I’m sorry if I can’t make predictions today because of some problems. But I’ll make it up in our next article. Our next article will feature what we think of the awardees and if there will be a Game 3, we will be making predictions once more. If not, we will making our farewell to UST and DLSU. That’s all for now.

The Finals Game 2 this coming Saturday for the UAAP 72 Women’s Volleyball are as follows:

Saturday, February 27, 2010
venue: San Juan Arena

2 PM: FEU vs UST (Men’s)
4 PM: UST vs DLSU (Women’s)

Here are our predictions for the coming Finals Game 2 games and the list of awardees…

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The Green Corner #10: The Climax

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It was just three months ago when everyone actually was itching to be in the Final Four. Here we are again. In the Finals. Now everyone’s itching to go back to Day One to reminisce the great volleyball games that has happened this year. I, for one, can’t even move on and believe that it’s already in the Finals. I mean, come on, it’s really early. I still want more games! Haha.

For the first time in years, La Salle and UST will actually make it to the UAAP Finals. I can still remember 4 years back when La Salle and UST would face off in the V-League Finals perennially with Michelle Carolino playing for La Salle and Roxanne Pimentel for UST. Man, those games were ecstatic. It’s as if volleyball is in the same level already as basketball that time with the many fans watching the games. This year, I’m sure it will be as exciting as the basketball games. If you remember months back, in basketball, La Salle and UST had very exciting games against each other. You’d be surprised that Araneta had so many spectators that time despite UST being 4th and La Salle being only 6th. I am expecting more LaSallians and Thomasians to watch the game later. I hope students from both schools can egg on their teams to win the championship. Of course, nothing beats school pride. It’s what makes college wars really exciting I guess.

The Games this coming Wednesday for the UAAP 72 Women’s Volleyball 2nd Round are as follows:

Sunday, February 24, 2010
venue: San Juan Arena

2 PM: UST vs FEU (Men’s)
4 PM: DLSU vs UST (Women’s)

Here are our farewell messages to Adamson and Ateneo and our predictions for the coming Finals Game 1 games…

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The Green Corner #9: Fast Heart Rates and Quadruple Excitements

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Whew! I can’t believe we’re already in the Final Four. It’s fast. It was not so long ago that the UAAP opened and I was there to actually witness the first two games. And now, here we are. Final Four. Damn. I just can’t imagine how The Arena will be filled later with fans of La Salle, Ateneo, UST and Adamson. Last Sunday was a blast. Expect more today when the additional fans of Ateneo and Adamson will come of course. We’re down to last four teams. Last four who rose to the occasion. Last four who stood out and became mighty throughout the season. Meet your Final Four this year:

DLSU (13-1)

UST (12-2)

ADMU (10-4)

ADU (9-5)

Again, Congratulations to the four and may you bring us exciting and quality games from hereon. To all the fans out there, hoping you will likewise have fun and enjoy the Final Four games. Let us not also forget that the Men’s Volleyball tournament will also have their Final Four later on with FEU (2) going up against Ateneo (3) at 9 AM and UST (1) going up against UP (4). Good luck to the 8 teams! Wish You All The Best and God Bless!

The Final Four Games this coming weekend for the UAAP 72 Women’s Volleyball 2nd Round are as follows:

Saturday, February 20, 2010
venue: San Juan Arena

2 PM: DLSU vs AdU

Here are our predictions for the coming Final Four weekend games…

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