Shakey’s V-League elimination round

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Here are the last few games before the Elimination Round ends:

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Welcome to blog. A blog about volleyball. As of the moment, this blog is still using the default WordPress theme. A custom blog theme design with all the kick-ass plugins is now on the works. Soon this blog site will look meaner. For now, things are plain and simple.

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Heartbreaking Ateneo vs Adamson match

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It was the start of the 4th set when we arrived at The Arena in San Juan where the Shakey’s V-League Season 4 is being held. The Ateneo Women’s Volleyball team was leading 2 sets to 1 against Adamson. Momentum was on Ateneo’s side it seemed as they rallied to catch up with Adamson on the 4th set. The score was 18-17 with Adamson slowly losing their lead. I had to find a seat so I can continue watching.

Adding a bit of excitement and twist to its 4th season, the V-League had allowed teams to acquire 2 reinforcement players, or should we say, imports. Teams could either get former members of any school’s volleyball lineup or anyone outside of it. Ateneo’s reinforcement players were wing spiker #12 Kanchana Jindarat (assistant coach turned player from Thailand) and middle blocker #3 Michelle Laborte (proudly made in the Philippines). Adamson, on the otherhand, acquired alumna Jennifer Lopez (that’s really her name) and UE star #7 Suzanne Roces.

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Wikipedia entry: Ateneo Volleyball Team

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When you Google “Ateneo Volleyball Team”, the top result would be the Ateneo Blue Eagles Wikipedia entry. Under the subheading Volleyball, it briefly describes the team’s “successes in the early 1980s” and mentioned some more “won titles” both in the UAAP and NCAA Volleyball tournaments. In summary, the entry seems to imply that the Ateneo Volleyball glory days were back in the 1980’s. I bet all the great Ateneo players back then have grandchildren by now.

As a former Blue Eagle Spiker, I must admit the entry tells the truth or at least a shadow of it. During my college time, we won all our UAAP games… by heart!!! That’s for every single game against the other universities. Yup, Ateneo (Men’s) team was at the bottom rankings for maybe 5 straight years if I remember correctly. (At least we’re consistent). That’s how really really good the other teams were at that time. But hey, at least my high school days were worth remembering. As the Wikipedia entry points out, the Ateneo Blue Eaglets were “always in the Championship round from 1982-2004”. Halikinu-kiniki-niya!!

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Clubsixfifty’s Volle 650 Season 4 now open

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Finally, I got an email invitation from Club650’s Sports Manager Raine Romero announcing Volle 650 Season 4 is now open for registration:

The Metro’s Most Awaited open, mixed, non-professional volleyball tournament is back!!!

VOLLE 650 SEASON 4 expands with a bang – now with 4 divisions – and hits you this July to October. Join Clubsixfifty Sports Center for another season of Jam-packed, hardcore, volleyball action!!!

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