3rd Viking Cup Open Invitational – semis/finals game sked

Remaining games of the 3rd Viking Cup Open Invitational volleyball tournament has been adjust so as not to overlap with the opening of the 5th PVC Open this January 30, 2011. Here are the renaming game sked for the Viking Cup:

Venue: World Citi Colleges (WCC) gym along Aurora Blvd. Cubao

  • January 22, 2011 (Saturday)
    Men’s Elimination:
    8:00am: PCU vs. Spikeithard
    9:30am: YBR vs. St. Joseph-Tondo

    Women’s Semis:
    11:00am: UE Alumni vs. UAP Alumni
    12:30nn: WCC vs. AVC

  • January 23, 2011 (Sunday)
    Men’s Semis:
    10:00am: YBR vs. VGD
    11:30am: AVC vs. (to be determined)

    Women’s Semis:
    1:00pm: WAV vs. TIP
    2:30pm: ASC vs. Spikeithard

Note: If the top teams per each brackets doesnt have any defeats, they will have a twice to beat advantage. The Second game will be held at the same day.

  • January 29, 2011 (Saturday)
    Women’s Finals:
    11:30am: (battle for third)
    1:00pm: (championship match)

    Men’s Finals:
    2:30pm: (battle for third)
    4:00pm: (championship match)

Download the 3rd Viking Cup semis/finals game schedule over at the Spikeithard Downloads section.

You can see the updated team standings over here.

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