“Know Your History” Trivia Game #2

Hey there guys! What’s up! We had a record of 408 entries submitted in our previous contest. However, it’s sad that no one got the correct answer. But for those who are curious, here are the correct answers:


DLSU’s Season 3 V-League Line-Up:

ALARCA, Jacqueline
CRUZ, Charleen Abigaile
DELA CRUZ, April Anne
HERNANDEZ, Celine Anne
KANCHANA, Jindarat (Guest Player)
LEE, Kimberly
LLAGUNO, Carla Marie
MERCADO, Stephanie
REMULLA, Ivy (Guest Player)
PENANO, Shermaine Miles
SAET, Relea Ferina
SANTOS, Manilla
TIAMZON, Erika Marie

ADMU’s Season 3 V-League Line-Up:

BAUTISTA, Nerissa (Guest Player)
BELLO, Karla
DEL PUERTO, Carla Marie
ECHAVEZ, Angela Marie
FELIX, Alexandra Nikita
GABRIEL, Stephanie
LABORTE, Michelle (Guest Player)
LIMGENGCO, Trisha Anne Therese
PIJUAN, Alexandra Marie
RUIZ, Stephanie Anjelika
SISON, Bianca Marie
SORIANO, Maria Rosario
TAGANAS, Patricia Lynn
VELUZ, Stephanie Anjelika

DLSU won in 5 sets with Manilla Santos as the Player of the Game

You can forget that already. Haha. This week we’ll be doing the UST Tigresses Legends

MAJOR PRIZE QUESTION: Name  15 open spikers and 10 middle blockers of UST from Season 1 up to Season 7, 1st Conference

CONSOLATION PRIZE QUESTION: All in all, how many UST Tigresses have played for other teams as guest players in the V-League? Additional points for those who can mention which teams.

For answers, you can either put it in the comment box below or e-mail:


Do remember that entries are considered Final and can not be changed. Only one entry per person. Wrong spelling are wrong. Wrong placement of words or names are wrong.

Deadline is on July 25, 2010, 12 AM.

Next Week: FEU Lady Tamaraws

Good Luck, Enjoy and Have Fun Guys!

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