De La Salle University is banned from the Shakey’s V-League

This sad news is taken from the Manila Bulletin website and was confirmed by the folks from the V-League. Hopefully, all parties involve can some day sit down and resolve whatever differences they have. V-League will never be the same without La Salle.

La Salle banned from V-League after last-minute pullout
October 7, 2009, 6:55pm

Organizers of the Shakey’s V-League have apparently gotten fed up with the repeated last-minute withdrawals of De La Salle University.

On Wednesday, after receiving a text message from La Salle’s coaching staff informing the league that the school is withdrawing from the tournament, V-League commissioner Tony Liao announced that La Salle has been banned indefinitely from competing in the league.

La Salle also withdrew in V-League’s last conference early this year and that withdrawal was also made at the last minute when the schedule had been finalized. That scenario was repeated again as organizers completed preparations for the opening set on Sunday at The Arena in San Juan City.

“They (coaching staff of La Salle) just texted us at the last minute telling us that they won’t join,” Liao said Tuesday. “We don’t know the reason for their withdrawal, but it’s not good.”

The three-time V-League champions also took a leave of absence in the first conference of Season 5 last year, before rejoining the league in its second conference.

Although the tournament is by invitation only, La Salle appears to be taking the league for granted, organizers said.

“Hindi na namin sila hahabulin,” Liao said. “That’s the end of their participation. And I think we will ban them. Baka ganun na talaga ang mangyayari.”

La Salle coaches could not be reached for comment.

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