The Extra Miles – I’m Back!

I’ve been busy as you guys can see cause I’m making sulit my volleyball vacation or break. Why? Well, let’s see. What’s in store for the coming months? V-League, UAAP, National Open, Intercollegiate, Home and Away and a lot more so it is but fitting that I used that break to rest myself. And thus, I’m back and so as V-League. How was my break so far? Well, my Green Archers lost to a mightier Ateneo Blue Eagles but no worries, they deserved that. I’m still sad though but not that much. Aside from that, I’ve been meeting a lot of people lately and I’m quite happy with that. I got injured from one of my practices but it’s healing now. Maybe one of the reasons why I’m not gonna go that much to volleyball venues. Haha. And lastly, I miss the volleyball community. Haha. It’s been like 3 or 4 months since I last updated things.

As the Asian Youth Volleyball Tournament unfolded last week, there were doubts if I am going to write again for this site and the other which I will not plug it here. I am deciding if the trainings, studies and family affairs, since All Saints’ Day and Christmas is nearing, will affect my schedule. Since I love the sport and the players, I decided to give it one more year. For some reason, I just love volleyball that’s why I can’t leave the sport, though there were rumors about me leaving the field. Haha. 

The National Youth Team ended at Eight Place, fair enough for a team which was just formed last summer by Coach Francis Vicente. I honestly think that given more time and exposure we can do more especially if you have Alyssa Santiago and Patty Jane Orendain in the team. Well, meaning higher than being the last place in the quarterfinals. The team is quite good and tall, but it still bothers me why not get some of the rookies of the upcoming UAAP who are under eighteen like Miss Jamenea Ferrer of Ateneo, Miss Maria Paulina Soriano of Adamson, Miss Melissa Gohing of La Salle or Miss Micah Ortiz of UST? I’m sure, they will be allowed if ever since it’s for the country and not for some stupid tournament. I am not questioning Coach Francis but I think it would have been better if we got experienced high school players.

The 2nd edition of the 5th season the most popular volleyball tournament in the land, Shakey’s V-League, is in my opinion, will be one of the most exciting ever. The tournament is very unpredictable since you have no view or no knowledge of who are the rookies and new key players of each team. Rightfully, you don’t know which team improved or have well, in a way, leveled down their style of play. Oh yeah, what made it exciting also is being an All-Filipino conference, which other fans would love to happen. Looking at the roster of guest players, I must say that schools are indeed investing a lot just to have a competitive team in the V-League. There’s the comeback of Coach Michelle Laborte, who by the way tied Miss Jaroensri Bualee since she will play for the fourth time for Ateneo. Aside from her, there’s the comebacking Miss Carissa Gotis for La Salle. The last time she played in the V-League, it was a very unfortunate thing since she suffered an ACL injury. I believe that was the time when the mighty Lady Archers still had the Carolino sisters, Miss Desiree Hernandez, Miss Maureen Penetrante, etc. as key players. But no worries, as her team won the championship in that conference. Of course, Miss Mary Jean Balse and Miss Venus Bernal will add spice to a rookie laid back UST team like Adamson who will have Miss Nerissa Bautista, last conference’s MVP as guest player. And yeah, another thing, the new balls! I’m excited since this is the first time in the Philippines that they will use the new balls. Expect players to “make kapa” at first since it’s new and it will really affect the game play, but as they use it more, they will get used to it.

I think I said a lot as my welcoming back speech. Haha. Anyways, I hope you guys support V-League and volleyball more often. Haay. It’s good to be back. Expect more from me this conference!

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mula ng malipat ang chatbox sa mainpage,bihira na tayo makapagkwentuhan,nakakahiya ng magchikahan,well eniweiz,i was not supposed to record the games in tv but as you said nga,we are so dedicated to the sport we want to support it so i decided i should not stop uploading videos for the new generation of players to watch,i’m now working with the Ateneo Lasalle wome’s game which was really exciting,videos will be up maybe later this day..

san q poh pwedeng mapanood ung 1st game last month? o ung mgankalipas na n game last month..sang site?

i had some troubles with my recorder,la salle ateneo game was deleted but ateneo adamson will be coming up soon in youtube

“I’m excited since this is the first time in the Philippines that they will use the new balls. Expect players to “make kapa” at first since it’s new and it will really affect the game play, but as they use it more, they will get used to it.”

I beg to disagree, because our ADMU volleyball group started using the MVA 200 Mikasa ball after the Olympics. Why don’t you read the article I wrote here about my first hand experience with the new mikasa or visit us in ADMU covered court every Tuesday and Saturday to see for yourself. It is not the first time to be used here, we have been using it for 3 months already. Maybe in the Shakey’s V-league since they started using this conference. Mind you, it is the MVA 310 model they are using which is not the model used in the Olympics.

i think she doesnt mean it literally but what she means is the use cof the ball in a commercial league,i like the MVA 310 model better coz it’s a bit smaller and heavier,easier to set than the larger and lighter model

why have you tried the MVA 200 model?

Oh Sorry. Haha. I was pertaining about the V-League players. I thought no team has been practicing with the ball since when I tried visiting the Ateneo and La Salle teams in their training, they were still using the old balls.

I missed you sLy-xy! Haha. 🙂

@Ritche: Hey, I was in SM Marikina and saw the new volleyball being sold at the newly opened Chris Sports there. So I got myself one for P1,957 – Mikasa MVA310. Ummm, problem is… wala akong kalaro!! Hehe… Will blog about this nga soon.

Shocks, so many pending things to blog about here at Spikeithard. I’ve been so busy lang talaga lately…

Pwede po bang ma-experience ang new volleyball… Laro tayo… Hahaha… Namimiss ko na talagang maglaro… :)) Hehehe… Newbie here… Pero matagal na kong nag-view-view ng site na ‘toh… Volleyball Enthusiast din kasi ako… Taga-Cavite…

some comments lang..
-i agree na given time and more exposure the rp juniors vball team can do much much better.
-maika is part of the rp juniors team along with rhea dimaculangan,hannah mance and some others pero they didn’t play coz the asian youth tourney was for kids 16yrs old and under.
-a lot of players who are within the age limit for the asian youth didn’t play for various reason.some backed out,some weren’t allowed, wasn’t for lack of trying on coach vicente’s part that he couldn’t form the best possible lineup.
-it’s Alyssa Valdez and Aleona(Dindin) Santiago..i’m not sure who you meant but they’re both good.alyssa is the team captain and dindin is the tallest in their lineup at 6’1

Oh yeah. I meant Alyssa Valdez. Haha. Oh yeah. I hope the government can let these girls play in other international tournaments, not just when tournaments are being held here.

sana mainterview mo ulit si suzanne roces.pumasok ba tlaga sia sa military like wat shev said before ng mainterview mo sia.ang payat nia kasi sa vleague ngaun ska naging caramel ang color nia!!!hehehe but still ang cute nia pa din…. sana tlaga mainterview mo sia ulit…..

may free jersey ba galing ky devanadera?

Ano ba naman tong site na toh! Walang kaupdate-update! Mabuti pa isara na lang! La namang kwenta eh! Nagsimula at natapos ang Vleague ni isang article dito wala! Nagsimula na ang UAAP Men’s Volleyball at ilang araw na lang Women’s naman wala pa rin!

eh di gumawa ka ng sarili mong site tanga!

hai ate….hehe..ahm i’m very happy that you’re back now…and you know what i’m happy coz we have desame family name….i’m looking forward in meeting you in personal but i’m so far coz i’m from bohol…hehe…i’m ur no.1 fan…always take care…mwah.

I’m waiting for your new post. Hope it comes soon! ü

wala lang try ko lang

Troche nie duzo tego wyszlo ostatecznie, tak tym razem sie to zachowalo. Moze w przyszlosci bedzie wiecej Dziekuje za uwage.