Getting to know Allen Mendoza of Team Klownz

I was very open on how I enjoyed the recently concluded PVF National Open 2008. Seeing my favorite players was really a pleasurable distraction from the corporate world. UAAP and NCAA standouts, veterans, street volley players and RP Team members graced the event to play the game we all love, volleyball.

Team Klownz

Wearing their pink and green uniform, Team Klownz got the attention of volleyball enthusiasts. Backed-up by the popular comedy bar, the team’s popularity rose not because only by it’s name, but as well as its key players who gave their best performances. Among them was former UP-MVT alumnus Allen Mendoza. He is one of the reasons that the team’s debut performance ended on a high note, finishing second, beating the 8 other contenders. With the combination of his technical experience gained from the UAAP and the vast skills he acquired from actively participating in street leagues, Allen was really a force to reckon. Let’s get to know him by this no holds-barred and very free flowing interview.

1. What keeps you busy nowadays?
Ow! I used to work in a call center and then I decided to leave just to give myself time to enjoy and to relax kasi nakakahagard talaga especially when you work at night. Because of this I was able to enjoy my summer this year with my friends in Puerto Galera. I’m planning to get back to work now but definitely not in a call center. I’m planning to get in to teaching since I’ve finished my SPED (Special Education) course in UP-Diliman.

2. Do you miss playing in the UAAP? What about it do you miss the most?
Yes! I miss playing a lot. There are a lot of things I miss about it. Of course part of it is my teammates, I really miss my teammates, our gimmicks and “anshahans”. That’s what keeps us well bonded. I miss the hard trainings especially the work outs, and that what made me “sexy”. Hehehe! Just kidding. UAAP, so far is the most prestigious tournament in our country, and whenever I hear that, I just remember “our times”, the kabugan and tarayan kasi madami din talgang malalakas noon as compared today.

3. Do you like reading? What’s your favorite book/s?
Yah, I like reading but not books. I like reading articles and columns in magazines.

4. Favorite music? Favorite artist? Do you play any musical instrument/sing?
I like mellow music, it’s so relaxing. Madali kasi akong maingayan sa rock music. Artist? I like Madonna, she’s really a total performer. And in local, Gary V. I love his songs. I don’t play anything, I wish I could play the piano but I think it’s too late for me to learn and I can’t find time for that.

5. How do you relax?
Oow! I have very weird way of relaxing. Everytime I walk, it gets me relaxed, I don’t know why but it works and I love long walks. Watching TV and DVD’s also work.

6. Do you like to sing? Dance?
I do dance. I just wanna say I like the ASF dancers especially when their doing the opening number in the Wowowee show. “Sayaw darling”, “Bomtarattarat” and “Igiling mo” hehehe! It’s really fun. Try it! I really love singing but I’m not saying I’m good at it. I just love to sing my favorite songs. Love songs, I love it! It even makes me cry when I’m down and heartbroken.

7. Do you have a special someone now? An inspiration?
Yah! I had this person and he’s from FEU but we actually met in Bacolod during the University Games last year. I miss him so much and I just wanna say, l still sincerely love him. (Ooops! So much for him, baka humaba ang kwento). Inspiration? Oh! It would always be my family. I really love them.

8. Can you tell me what is a typical Allen Mendoza week like? How would you spend your weekend?
Since I’m not working yet, I have an open schedule. We usually play at 7pm (that is if we have volleyball sched) and then gimmick comes after. So I usually hang out with my friends in Timo, Dampa, and Zirkoh are the places where you can see a lot of volleyball players. My whole week is tiring but I tell you, it’s really fun.

9. Favorite place?
I love going to the FEU dormitory, just kidding! If there’s one place I really love going to that would be the place where I can see my friends, Dampa.

10. Comfort food?
I like laing and adobo.

11. Who’s the person you look up to the most?
That would be my volleyball coach in UP, Coach Sergio “VIP” Isada. I really admire this person. He’s very fair, simple but intellectual. I really miss our talks and you would always catch him handling his favorite Coke in can. He’s frame of mind and reasoning would surely influence your thoughts and would mold you to become a better person. I would always always look up to this person.

12. Now let’s get into sports-related questions. Since when did you start playing volleyball
I was in grade 6 when I started playing volleyball during our PE time.

13. Why volleyball?
Ahhhm! Actually I don’t know, it just that makes me feel happy when I play volleyball during my early years. It gives me certain satisfaction that I can’t explain. I just love volleyball.

14. Were you a varsity player during your elementary and high school days?
I was never a varsity player during my elementary years, but when I reached 1st and 2nd year high school, I was able to get in to the NU varsity team and compete with different schools in UAAP. I transferred to PCU-ISS to pursue my 2 following high school years and luckily, I was able to play in the NCAA.

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I think I saw Allen and his UP friends play a long time ago and they’re really good. Allen is a high jumper!

Very nice interview. The answer to question#28 is very interesting. Made me raise my eyebrows and say, “so ganun pala sa mundo ng politika sa volleyball”, hehe…

mabuhay ka kapwa isko!

Great interview! Friends pala sila! Hahaha!
Natawa ako… natawa na lang talaga ako…

i’ve got no time to read,nangangalumata na ko at kanina pa ko madaling araw sa pc,ang hahaba ng sagot at engwish pa,at ang mga answers,mashadong pure and heartfelt,parang sa madre nagmumula kaya ang hirap idigest minsan,ahahahha,sa susunod ko na lang babasahin ng husto,i’m just curious about dun sa FEU guy,ahahahha,let me search

The last time i watched the game of Klownz – i was really enjoyed their games- evn Mr. Allen- samrt, diabolic, intelligent and Powerful Player. I saw a new character in volleyball while watching their games. Mataray at Sphisticated with an Attitude sabi nga ni R-raul na isang Black trans- Go GoGo!!! merci beacoup Melle Allen- tres Bien. C’est Moi – Jeo- votre amie

honestly, i was expecting a showdown with airforce, navy and army sa nat’l open.. pero may nababalitaan na ako and when i saw the semifinal match between navy and klownz, aba, nagulantang talaga ako…

allen is a great anchor for the team, magaling sya pumatay ng sunog… tapos yung attitude nya while playing, so passionate…

if you’ll notice his anwers, they are sensible and sincere…

go allen, always keep the ball flying high!!@

Sa bottom left na pic? Si Allen ba yung nasa right? I have no idea regarding MVT kasi eh. Puro WVT lang pinapanood ko. Thanks.

yep.. sya yung nasa kanan.. si jeff jimenez yung taller…

nice article for allen!

i am one of the happiest people to see you grow and be able to achieve your dreams in volleyball.


by the way.. kasama ba si richard hiyao ng letran manila sa klownz team?