National Volleyball Open 2008 finals tomorrow!!! (July 6, Sunday)

2008 National Volleyball Open - Philippine Army vs. Philippine Air Force
Photo by Michael Bartolo. Philippine Army vs. Philippine Air Force game.
Taken last July 3, 2008 (Thursday).

July 5, 2008 (Saturday) – All roads lead to the Rizal Technological University (RTU) gymnasium for us volleyball fanatics as this day determines the teams who will battle it out for the PVF National Open 2008 Championship title tomorrow. There were a total of ten teams for the men’s division and four from the women’s. All teams did their best this but only four made it to the semi-finals. Here’s what happened:

Men’s Semi-Finals

I was not able to catch the first semi-finals match between the Philippine Army and Philippine Air Force. It started at 8am this morning. I heard that the Air Force defeated the Army in three straight sets. Too bad I wasn’t able to see Jessie Lopez and Edjet Mabbayad playing against each other. It must have been a good match. Did anyone watch? The defending National Volleyball Open champion team Philippine Air Force looks very determined to replicate their victory last year.

The second finals slot was contested by the Philippine Navy and Klownz. Fortunately, I was able to witness this exciting game. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. The Navy folks capped the first set at 25-23. It was a very intense set! Team Klownz retaliated and won the next set. It was volleyball veteran Allen Mendoza(#8) of Klownz who steered his team in winning this set. The Philippine Navy pinned its offense to their #7 and #3 players. But in the end of the second set, the Klownz prevailed. The third and fourth sets were really quite remarkable. Labide(#5), Jeff Jimenez(#9), and Mendoza all contributed to take and win the match for team Klownz. Jet Bautista of team Philippine Navy made a valiant effort offensively to help his team catch up, but it was a bit too late. The last laugh belonged to team Klownz as they won the match, 4-1.

Women’s Semi-Finals

On the women’s side, the Philippine Navy hammered the RP Youth team to gain the remaining finals slot. They won comfortably in three straight sets. Last Friday, it was the Philippine Army who defeated the Philippine Air Force team in three straight sets as well.

Tomorrow will be the conclusion of the week long tournament. Hope to see you guy’s there!

PVF National Open 2008 Finals
July 6, Sunday
venue: Rizal Technological University (Mandaluyong City)

  • Men’ Battle for Third Place
    9:00AM -Philippine Army vs. Philippine Navy
  • Women’s Battle for Third Place
    11:00AM – RP Youth vs.
  • Women’s Championship
    12:30PM – Philippine Army vs. Philippine Navy
  • Men’s Championship
    2:00PM – Philippine Air Force vs. Klownz

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NOTE: As far as I know, the National Open finals will be held at the Rizal Technological University – RTU gym (and not at RMC anymore)…

So paano ba pumunta ng RTU?

take MRT and stop at Boni STation,look for a jeep with a sign JRU and ask the driver to take you down At RTU,mahirap lakarin,ang daming likoliko,nakakalito

Sana makapunta ako… pero imposible na talaga due to prior commitments…
Makikibalita na lang ako…

Philippine Air Force won the Men’s championship title while Philippine Army won the Women’s division.

do you happen to know the scores?