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What is there to LIKE about Muscle Tape – first batch of winners

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Photo on the left: Ms. Janet Tan who won 1 pink Muscle Tape roll, 1 Muscle Tape Cooltex Pre-Cut shoulder, 1 Muscle Tape bracelet.

The What is there to like about Muscle Tape online contest is still on-going. So if you want to win some cool Muscle Tape products (rolls and pre-cuts), click here to join the contest. This contest will run until the end of this month (May).

This online contest is sponsored by CCi Enterprises, Inc., the official distributor of Muscle Tape products. Disclaimer: Muscle Tape is the official therapeutic tape sponsor of Team Spikeithard Volleyball teams and this online contest is being done to promote their Facebook fan page.

The first batch of winners were drawn last March. Each of the winners received a combination of cool Muscle Tape products. The winners were:

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