The Extra Miles – I’m Back!

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I’ve been busy as you guys can see cause I’m making sulit my volleyball vacation or break. Why? Well, let’s see. What’s in store for the coming months? V-League, UAAP, National Open, Intercollegiate, Home and Away and a lot more so it is but fitting that I used that break to rest myself. And thus, I’m back and so as V-League. How was my break so far? Well, my Green Archers lost to a mightier Ateneo Blue Eagles but no worries, they deserved that. I’m still sad though but not that much. Aside from that, I’ve been meeting a lot of people lately and I’m quite happy with that. I got injured from one of my practices but it’s healing now. Maybe one of the reasons why I’m not gonna go that much to volleyball venues. Haha. And lastly, I miss the volleyball community. Haha. It’s been like 3 or 4 months since I last updated things.

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International Kakis Volleyball Team-Singapore: open volleyball try-outs for Pinoys

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This blog has been a very popular source of volleyball information, updates, news, and anything that is practically about the game we all love. I was even shocked when I learned that some of my friends from Singapore and Malaysia visit to learn what’s going on in the volleyball world. I did not expect that this blog was already that famous.

It has been two months since I arrived here in Singapore. And I flew here not to work but to try-out for International Kakis Volleyball Team-Singapore. Getting in the team means having the privilege to play in international volleyball tournaments. Are you a Filipino currently living in Singapore and thinks that you have what it takes to be part of International Kakis Volleyball Team? (Read along…)

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2008 Beijing Olympics: biggest flop in Philippine Sports

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The 2008 Beijing Olympics ended with a very flamboyant and elaborate ceremony in the China’s new landmark, the Bird’s Nest. The recently concluded Olympics is said to be the most successful edition in terms of organization, sportsmanship. The opening and closing ceremonies were just spectacular. For the first time, an Asian country topped the gold medal count. And that was China as many expected. Being the host country, they had delegates in all the sports and disciplines. Having more than 600 Chinese Olympians, the favor was really theirs.

For the third time since the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, we came home empty-handed. But at least we got a Gold Medal consolation from Willy Wang for the Wushu event. Although this was just a demo event and is not part of the main Olympic sports. Nonetheless, it was wonderful to see fellow Pinoy Willy as he was raising the Philippine flag. Even though he looks more like a Chinese than a Filipino and has a Chinese twang, at least he can sing the Philippine national anthem.

Here are the rankings of other Asian countries:

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Playing with the new Mikasa MVA200 volleyball for the first time

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Last August 23, 2008, our group in Ateneo, who plays every Tuesday and Saturday, used the very MVA 200 Mikasa ball now being used in the Beijing Olympics. We are proud to say that we were the very first volleyball aficionados here in the Philippines to play with it, since Sonia trading is not yet selling it commercially. We were able to acquire it when one of our regular players, Dr. Bayhon, went to Bangkok and requested him to purchase two Mikasa balls for our group.

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Ligang Kalye Part 2 – A shout out for Team Y41

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Once again, I was invited by fellow Spikeithard folk, Beezy, to watch a one day league at Calzada Covered Court in Taguig. Despite the heavy rains, the volleyball addict in me decided to go and watch (again) the excitement street volleyball has to offer. After rendering overtime work in the morning, I rushed to Taguig to catch the games later in the afternoon.

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Ligang Kalye – watching street volleyball

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Though now being televised, some people still thinks that volleyball is not that popular among Filipinos. After all, we are a basketball crazy country. Addicted to boxing too thanks to the Pacman. While billiards has become very popular as well amongst Pinoys as well. On the other hand, volleyball has become a hit on the underground.

Last Saturday, I was able to catch the few last games of a volleyball tournament (often touted as one of the Ligang Kalye) held in Taguig. The concrete court was shabby. When it rains, it penetrates the roof so whatever action is taking place underneath had to be stopped. Watching this kind of street volleyball action was such a delight.

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