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Congrats to GreenArchers.ph for winning the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards Readers’ Choice

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The 2010 Philippine Blog Awards (PBA) event happened last December 12 at the RCBC Theater in Makati. It was a successful event. Thank you to everyone who supported the PBA and kudos to all the folks who organized the event.

In Best Sports Blog category, the finalists were:

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The new Volleywood.net website has been launched

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The new Volleywood.net website has just been launched. If you play volleyball, you are a member of Volleywood! Players from all over the world are welcome to join. The goal is to feature local, national and international players from all over the world.

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PhilSpike.com – Home of Philippine Volleyball

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Aside from all sorts of stuff being emailed to me, I also probe the internet from time to time for useful volleyball stuff I can blog about or share over here at Spikeithard.com. If you do a Google search on the term volleyball (with “pages from the Philippines” selected), you’d see that there are only a handful of websites out there dedicated to volleyball that are found locally. This was actually the very reason why I started Spikeithard.com blog a few years back.

From forum sites like the vleague.tk and rpspikers.net (formerly rpspikers.tk), to the official sites like v-league.ph, ncaa.org.ph, the new uaapsports.com, and greenarchers.ph. You can always check out these sites to get the latest news on volleyball in the local scene.

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Watch out for the SmartBRO UAAP athlete endorsers

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Gretchen Ho (ADMU) and Jed Montero (UP)

I was updating my Facebook account when I stumbled upon this Facebook fan page entitled “SmartBRO UAAP”. Apparently, SmarBRO will power the brightest stars in this season’s UAAP games. The account shows some behind-the-scenes shots from the photoshoot featuring a variety of UAAP athletes. Don’t be surprised to see billboards or posters or even TV commercials (I hope) featuring your favorite UAAP superstars in the near future being promoted by SmartBRO.

Of course, what caught my attention while I was browsing through the pages of this SmartBRO Facebook account were the UAAP Volleyball athlete endorsers!! Here’s a list of all the UAAP athletes who are part of this campaign. Take note of those volleyball athletes in the list:

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International Kakis Volleyball Team-Singapore: open volleyball try-outs for Pinoys

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This blog has been a very popular source of volleyball information, updates, news, and anything that is practically about the game we all love. I was even shocked when I learned that some of my friends from Singapore and Malaysia visit Spikeithard.com to learn what’s going on in the volleyball world. I did not expect that this blog was already that famous.

It has been two months since I arrived here in Singapore. And I flew here not to work but to try-out for International Kakis Volleyball Team-Singapore. Getting in the team means having the privilege to play in international volleyball tournaments. Are you a Filipino currently living in Singapore and thinks that you have what it takes to be part of International Kakis Volleyball Team? (Read along…)

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Volleyball Perfs Awards 2008 over at rpspikers.tk

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Showing that they are more than just a DOT!, the folks over at rpspikers.tk does it again by coming up with their very own Volleyball Perfs Awards 2008. They made a cool video primer!

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Jersey Haven’s “All-Star” Hoopla

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Okay, so I made a gamble when I ordered 3 Rachel Ann Daquis and 3 Charo Soriano authentic Shakey’s V-League Accel jerseys from Jersey Haven before V-League Season 5 started. I just thought of buying jerseys to raffle it off over here at Spikeithard just in time for the Finals. So back then I was hoping for an Ateneo-FEU finals. I guess we’ll have to hold onto the Daquis jerseys for now.

Will think of a raffle-gimmick first then blog about it maybe by tonight. So check back again here at Spikeithard.com blog soon. Will really, really also try my best to have the jerseys autographed by Ms. Charo Soriano herself first before we raffle it off. So who wants a Charo Soriano authentic Shakey’s V-League jersey courtesy of Spikeithard.com blog?

As most of you guys know, Jersey Haven is where you can get authentic Accel jerseys. They’ve got all the sports covered from PBA, UAAP basketball and volleyball, Shakey’s V-League, RP Team, and practically all other local tournament where Accel is the official outfitter. They have this “All-Star” Hoopla event for basketball aficionados. Check it out:

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Join the Nike Love Bug and play volleyball for free

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Wanna play volleyball with Rachel Anne Daquis for free?

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There’s a new volleyball forum in town: rpspikers.tk

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rpspikers.tk's The Basher Room

As the local volleyball scene is getting more exposure on TV, the same is true online. There’s a lot of Friendster blogs out there covering the UAAP Volleyball for instance. Multiply and Flickr accounts are piling up with volleyball action photos. Local papers are also covering volleyball tournaments regularly now. Hopefully, more sites will emerge to promote Volleyball in the Philippines.

There’ a new volleyball site called rpspikers.tk forum. Here’s an article made by one of its moderators:

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VLeague.tk forum celebrates four years of promoting Philippine and collegiate volleyball

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I would just like to commend the vleague.tk forum. The site has been promoting not just Shakey’s V-League but other volleyball leagues as well for almost 4 years now. It has been responsible also for promoting Philippine Volleyball and other Sports as well. Though I am not a member, I’ve enjoyed majority of the posts there.

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