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Dominance and Destiny: A special summary

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Before we start another page this coming summer of a number of volleyball tournaments, let me first summarize what has transpired the past school year in all volleyball leagues.

Be it UAAP, NCAA, WNCAA, V-League or whichever league there is, the champions this school year were nevertheless the teams who were expected and destined or one whom everyone was predicting to be champions. There were tests in the middle of the way but it’s what made them win and go the extra mile. It is what brought them also to the Promised Land.

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by Jan Carlo Gavile, Kirsten Evan Regodon and the Extra Miles

I am not biased since I am a Lasallian myself but in fact, I have been impressed with the way the Lady Archers have been playing. In fact, if we were to evaluate each team, La Salle definitely is the most improved. Despite the upset they experienced against UST, I still consider this team as strong the team is more like playing without a guest player since Miss Carissa Anne Gotis is not yet that conditioned and Miss Relea Ferina Saet is seldom being put in the court. Miss Regine Diego has improved a lot in terms of digging and receiving the same with Miss Celine Hernandez who has improved a lot with her spiking and floor defense. Of course, Miss Celine is the Best Blocker in the UAAP so she really is expected to lead the blocking department together with other Green and White middle blockers Miss Jacqueline Alarca and Miss Michelle Datuin. The open spikers Miss Manilla Santos and Miss Stephanie Mercado have been doing a good job in terms of both receiving and of course, attacking. Let’s see if the comeback girls from Taft will bring home their fourth V-League title this conference. But for now, they are waxing hot and are contending to bring back the glory of De La Salle Volleyball.

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The Extra Miles – I’m Back!

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I’ve been busy as you guys can see cause I’m making sulit my volleyball vacation or break. Why? Well, let’s see. What’s in store for the coming months? V-League, UAAP, National Open, Intercollegiate, Home and Away and a lot more so it is but fitting that I used that break to rest myself. And thus, I’m back and so as V-League. How was my break so far? Well, my Green Archers lost to a mightier Ateneo Blue Eagles but no worries, they deserved that. I’m still sad though but not that much. Aside from that, I’ve been meeting a lot of people lately and I’m quite happy with that. I got injured from one of my practices but it’s healing now. Maybe one of the reasons why I’m not gonna go that much to volleyball venues. Haha. And lastly, I miss the volleyball community. Haha. It’s been like 3 or 4 months since I last updated things.

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Blue Eaglets: Ateneo de Manila Juniors Volleyball Team

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As part of promoting the UAAP Juniors Volleyball, I decided to interview players from the Ateneo de Manila High School, since as most people said, they, together with the University of the East High School are the favorites this year to make it to the Finals.

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Charo Soriano: A volleyball player worth remembering

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Charo Soriano

The long wait is over. Charo Soriano, one of the most fan favorites in Philippine volleyball, gets her share of limelight over here at blog.

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Watching the 2008 Montreux Volley Masters online via streaming sites

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2008 Montreux Volley Masters logo

Last night, as I watched the game of China and Netherlands in the annual Montreux Volley Masters, I can’t help but to be impressed at how China can even keep their volleyball level up even with the loss of some key players.

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The Final Four (Shakey’s V-League Season 5)

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8 teams have tried. 2 remained dominant at first. 2 came from the south to challenge the other 4. But among the 6, only 2 prevailed as well. The 2 from the quarterfinals joined the 2 who dominated the eliminations. And now there are 4. 4 teams who prevailed. 4 teams who have achieved among the 8. Among them, only 2 will again prevail to proceed to the next battle. A battle for supremacy. A battle to be the greatest.

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Jan Carlo “The Oracle” Gavile

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Last night, I had the chance to interview a diehard fan of not only a team but Philippine Volleyball as well. He is probably one of the fans who would often go to The Arena just to watch an incredible volleyball action even if his team has no match for the day.

He is often defined as one of the best analysts around when it comes to the game because of his scientific approach. He may sometimes be biased but most of the time, we will see him appreciating the sport and the players. Not only does he root for a certain team, but he also commends some players who are quite remarkable. We often see him wearing his school colors or expressing his school spirit but most of the time, he would just sit and take down notes on the match being played.

His name is Jan Carlo Gavile or more known as Jannie or JC or Jan Carlo. He is 18 years old and just graduated from Ateneo de Manila High School. Guess what? He will take European Studies at De La Salle University-Manila, his former school’s archrival, in his incoming freshman year. Despite being stout (sorry Jannie! Haha!), he is an athletic person who can beat you in any sport anytime. I, for one, have been a victim of his volleyball and badminton skills. He moderates a site known to fans, vleagueDOTtk, which is celebrating their four years of promoting volleyball in the country.

Jancarlo is not only known as a diehard fan of volleyball but other sports as well like football, basketball, badminton, etc. When asked how many sports in the UAAP does he go to, he mention around 7 out of the 14. Here’s an interview with The Oracle:

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Thai Imports add spice anew in post-preliminaries round

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Quarter Finals is fast approaching and other teams who did not make it to the semis right away have one more week to change their guest players, if ever they really want to boost their campaign in this conference’s edition of the Shakey’s V-League. The tentative start of the Quarter Finals is next week, May 4, which might feature an Ateneo vs La Salle opening. La Salle, meaning the University of Saint La Salle Lady Stingers who will be coming from Visayas together with University of San Jose – Recoletos Lady Jaguars.

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Wallpaper: Playmaker Karla Bello of Ateneo de Manila

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Here’s another cool volleyball wallpaper of the cutest and one of the most skilled setters in Philippine Volleyball today, Karla Bello of Ateneo de Manila. She’s been playing the game since high school for Miriam. Karla has been trained by coach Mac and Louie Gepuela back then. Upon entering college level volleyball, she has been known as one of the key players for Ateneo Women’s Volleyball team. She’s an excellent all-around player. She can defend well, has a decent spike, and can set the ball well. Karla Bello is also known for ability to dink the ball for a quick point just when you thought she’s about to set it. (Something she learned from coach Louie Gepuela it seems).

(Wallpaper created by Juno Gutierrez)

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