A first look at the 2012 London Olympic Stadium

I was reading about how a heavy downpour of rain greeted the Olympic-themed opening of UAAP Season 74 last Saturday at the Marikina Sports Park, when I somehow managed to reach Volleywood.net and read about the Olympic Stadium that is currently being built for the 2012 London Games.

The London 2012 Olympic Stadium is the most sustainable ever built. With steel a resource in short supply, the build was made 75 per cent lighter in terms of steel use than other stadiums. It also features a low-carbon concrete, made from industrial waste and containing 40 per cent less embodied carbon than usual. The top ring of the Stadium was built using surplus gas pipes; a visual testament to London 2012’s ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ approach to sustainability. Steel and concrete use was further reduced by designing the lower section of the stadium to sit within a bowl in the ground.

Here’s a first look at the Olympic Stadium (by Volleywood.net):

A generated walk-through of the new 2012 London Olympic Stadium…

Makes you wonder… is it too far fetched for a third world country like the Philippines to someday be able to build a state of the art stadium as revolutionary as the London Olympic Stadium? asa pa…

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