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There are a lot of group buying websites out there nowadays. Almost every month it seems, these group buying websites just keep on popping up over the internet.

These online businesses are thriving because of the fact that Pinoys love getting deals and discounts through the power of buying in bulk or “collective buying” as they say it. utilizes the power of group buying in obtaining as much as 50%-90% discounts on the coolest and most interesting things that each key cities in the Philippines could offer from food and dining, beauty and wellness, lifestyle and sports, hotels and events, plus a lot more exciting options to choose from!

CleverBuy is a new generation e-commerce platform alternative that provides FREE advertising services to the Filipino entrepreneurs in the retail and services industry.

Sign up for FREE and receive the most clever daily promos in your city through your inbox. Enjoy the luxury of having your own personal online city guide to great discounts anywhere, anytime… Be Clever! Pay Less.

We offer a wide array of online purchasing options aimed at delivering the utmost convenience for you. Buy the deal offers that you desire most using a few clicks and we’ll send to your email the CleverBuy voucher that you’ll be using to redeem your purchase from our business partners!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post (a long overdue one). CleverBuy was launched back in May and they held a blogger/media event to promote their business. Thank you!

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