From Interview with Logan Tom writes and features an interview with Logan Tom. The actual interview was conducted by China Daily.

China Daily was very lucky to have the opportunity to interview the best American player of our generation: The one and only Queen Logan Tom! In case you didn’t know, Logan played in China this season with Coach Jenny Lang Ping for Team Evergrande. If you want to know how her team did, read this. Anyways, here’s the interview excerpts:

Do you have any goals that you want to accomplish still? Like the Olympic gold medal?
Tom: No. I’m happy with where I am and what I am doing right now. Obviously, it would be nice to have it (the Olympic gold medal). But I don’t know what I will do with the national team right now. Everything is up in the air.

Based on this answer, we have a feeling Logan might not play with Team USA this season. Well, she better play! It’s a crucial year for Team USA and for all the teams who want to qualify for the 2012 Olympics.

Have you lost some of your passion for the game after playing for so many years?
Tom: Everyone has different stages of passion. You cannot maintain that early feeling after doing it for a long time. When you get older, you change with time.

Regardless if her passion for volleyball has changed with time, she’s still fierce!

You are determined and even aggressive on the court. But off the court you hang around to shake hands with your opponents and have pictures taken with fans for as long as they want. There seems to be a contrast there?
Tom: The players are worth a lot of respect. When you are on the court, you try as hard as you can to win. But when it’s finished, it’s finished. I just think it’s a good ending that way. For the fans, they support me a lot. They cheer for me and they cheer for my team. That’s the best I can do. People just judge the players by how they react on the court. Of course, during the match I always try my best, I don’t like losing and that’s why I may appear aggressive.

She is just amazing!

Your grandfather was from China and you won the silver medal at the Beijing Olympics, fans here like you very much. How do you like the connection to China?
Tom: I have to say that before the Beijing Olympics we hadn’t spent much time in China. We had Chinese food growing up. I’ve been here pretty much for volleyball and, like I said, I enjoy staying here. It is a very fast-growing country. People work very hard here. It’s an upcoming country.

We hope she’s aware that Chinese Fans want her to play in the Chinese League again.

What do you do in your leisure time?
Tom: Play cards, lots of reading. I bought a guitar but have never really played it. When I am home I like to go on road trips.

At least she didn’t say she’s always on Facebook like someone we know when she’s off the court. LOL!

All we can say is that we really hope Logan will stay with the US Team until the 2012 Olympics. Based on what she said, she hasn’t decided yet on what her next step is. Well Your Highness, just take some time off and then you can start thinking about it. See ya at the Grand Prix? We love ya!

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