All Stars One-Day League at DAR Gym this Sunday

One-day volleyball leagues / tournaments are becoming even more popular nowadays. This one is perhaps one of the biggest in terms of the number of participants and it’s called the All Stars One-Day League. This tournament will be held on May 8 (Sunday) from 8am – 9pm. Venue is at the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Gym in Diliman, Quezon City. It’s along the elliptical road.

The All Stars Two-Day League will showcase the top talents from the National Capital Region (NCR) and some players coming from the Visayas region as well. According to organizer Aiza Aquino of Team All-Stars, the primary objective of this tournament is to expose and develop hidden and raw volleyball talents. He says, “It is through these tournaments that talented volleyball players, both past and current, have been discovered and granted full athletic scholarships by universities and colleges from the UAAP, NCAA, UCLAA, and CUSA.”

Sponsors of this tournament will be gaining the following: printing of company logo on the tournament banners and uniforms, acknowledgement via website and Facebook, radio advertisement on RX 93.1 and 92.3 TV 5.

All Stars One-Day League Mechanics

  • Cash Prize of P20,000 to the champion team. P10,000 for the 1st runner up. P5,000 for 2nd runner up. Participation fee of P400 per player (includes uniform).
  • Participants will be shuffled into teams of 7 players each (to be done by the organizers). In order to balance out all the teams, the ‘stronger’ volleyball players will be distributed.
  • Up to 30 points per game. Single round robin per bracket. Top 2 teams per bracket will advance to quarterfinals. From the quarterfinals, the top 4 teams will cross over for the semis. Championship game will be up to 40 points.
  • In case of a tie, win over the other rule will apply. In case of a triple tie, quotient system will be followed.

Here’s a photo of Team All Stars, the people behind this awesome one-day league:

Teams should have already been finalized by now. Registration started back in February and was closed last March 31. A handful of Team Spikeithard players (boys) will be participating in this tournament.

If you’re one of the lucky participants of this two-day league event, good luck!!

UPDATE: There are a total of 4 brackets with 6 teams of 7 players each. Participating players come from the UAAP, NCAA, AFP, and national teams so this will be an all-out slug fest of the country’s hard-hitting volleyball players.

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