Lady Archers in the brink of another game forfeiture controversy

I had no plans of writing about this issue anytime soon at first but since Mr. Theo Jurado of Journal Online (who’s always first when it comes to volleyball news like this) has already published an article, and because the looming controversy has actually already spread like wildfire online, let me just share again what this fuss is all about.

Apparently, the unbeaten De La Salle Lady Archers in the ongoing UAAP 73 Women’s Volleyball is in the brink of forfeiting either some of their games or perhaps all of them due to a violation of a UAAP rule wherein current UAAP players are not allowed to play in any other league or tournament for the duration of the tournament. To sum up everything, here’s sir Theo’s article taken from website:

The unbeaten league leader (DLSU), stares at the possibility of forfeiting four of its wins in the first round after two of its players allegedly played in an invitational league while the season is ongoing.

The league is now investigating the controversy as La Salle had already suspended the players reportedly involved, namely, reserve setter Carmela Garbin and blocker Clarisse Yeung. The two allegedly suited up and played in the WCC 3rd Viking Cup Open Invitational Cup tournament.

The tournament was the same meet where College of Saint Benilde players Arianne Yap and Janel Lim saw action, causing the Lady Blazers’ disqualification in the semifinals of the NCAA women’s volleyball tournament.

La Salle had already transmitted the letter to the UAAP board and the issue is expected to be tackled in next week’s meeting.

We all have become DLSU fans because of the domination they have shown in the first round of UAAP 73. After beating their rival UST in 3 sets, I think most people already placed their bets on La Salle winning the crown this season. And then, this happened.

Why La Salle always seem to find itself in such controversies, that puzzles a lot of fans. Not too long ago, the Jacqueline Alarca controversy resulted to DLSU dropping down from the final four because of game forfeitures back in 2008.

In the end, this is a big blow not only to DLSU, the other schools, the UAAP/NCAA, the open volleyball leagues out there, but to the entire volleyball community. Just when volleyball in the country is finally starting to pick up slowly but surely, controversies like these suddenly come to the surface.

By the next UAAP season, sure, we will all probably forget about this and move on with our lives (but we can always reminisce through the blog posts, tweets, and PEX). But stilll, I think things like these can certainly be avoided and something can be done.

So how can we prevent this from happening again?

Most people would put all the blame on the players who clearly knew they are not supposed to play in any other tournaments for the duration of the UAAP season, but have still done so and risked jeopardizing not only their team but the school they are representing as well. One obvious solution has got to be through enforcing discipline. And this can be done by the people and institutions surrounding the players: the coaches, teammates, school program heads, UAAP board, etc.

The other solution I can think of will be coming from the organizers of these open (usually non-collegiate) volleyball leagues/tournaments (ex. Viking Cup, PVC, PVF National Open, Hope Volleyball Club, etc.). I understand that an “open league” essentially means that anyone can join, but maybe it’s about time the organizers consider these issues that has happened in the UAAP/NCAA, and implement a rule banning any current collegiate players to join.

Let’s hope and pray that the UAAP board and everyone involved will be able to talk things out nicely, and come up with a series of actions (hopefully not just sanctions) to remedy this whole issue. If in case, DLSU forfeits some of its games, I’m sure most fans including myself (I love Gohing!) will still look at this team with utmost respect and admiration because of the prowess they have exhibited this season. If let say, they forfeit all their games then in the end manage to still win the crown… dammn!, I will change my favorite color to green 🙂

PS: I really had a hard time thinking what to put as the title for this blog post. Initially, I thought of “DLSU: Oops they did it again!”

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The solution is to abolish, rescind, repeal, erase, etc. this law. What if the player played in an inter-barangay competition, or a village inter-color tournament? This law sucks. What’s it for? To ensure that the league has exclusive display privileges? To protect the players from injury? C’mon. Let the teams police themselves.

good point… although I do think may “kabuluhan” din naman ang UAAP rules that pertain to player eligibility, playing limitations, etc…. so maybe amending the rules can be a solution, but abolishing it entirely, I think baka mas lalong magkagulo 🙂

kasalanan lahat to ng UAAP Board kase sila naman ang gumawa ng mga rules na yan. Dapat sila ang i-sanction o kaya mas maganda mag-resign na lang sila lahat. Karamihan sa kanila eh nasa retirement age na, dapat magpahinga na sila. Siguro malaki sweldo nila kaya ayaw nilang mag-resign. Give chance naman to others. Dapat nga ang memebers ng board eh yung former athletes at coaches na ung age ranging from 30-55 years old.

Hindi kasalan ng athletes, coaches at school yung nagyari. Kayo kaya nyo bang tandaan lahat ng rules? Dapat i-post nila sa ung lahat ng rules and regulations para pati uaap fans aware. Para saan pa ang yung website na yun kung hindi naman nila ipopost ang mga rules.


rules are rules, pinag-agree-han po yan ng lahat ng member schools ng uaap. dapat sinusunod. matagal na po yang rule na yan at for the longest time e sinusunod naman. i think this rule is good both for the players and the uaap itself. it’s good for uaap because of exclusivity, and for the players, lessening probability of injuries.

kung gusto nilang i-amend, e di nagpetition sila.

ayoko nang habaan pa…

youre right…losers will always find holes to pull down winners, 4 sure thats whats losers doing rght now-finding bad issues against la salle..

dapat i abolish na rules na yan..kaya nga nag join para gagaling eh..sali din kayo kkung gusto nyo gumaling..

matagal na po yung rule na yan at sa mga nakaraan e nasusunod naman. sinuway lang ng dalawang dlsu players e gusto nyo nang ipa-ablosih? get real guys, this rule was mde for the benefit of the uaap, athletes and us fans.

because of this rule, uaap has exclusivity.

because of this rule, athletes are barred from joining other leagues, by doing so, iwas injury kasi most of the other leagues are in concrete courts.

and because of this rule,no unnecessary injuries, we can see all our favorite teams playing complete, starters and bench.

tingnan po kasi natin yung kabutihan ng mga rules. hindi po ito ginawa lang ng basta, ito po ay ginawa para sa kapakanan ng lahat. kaya lang nagkaganito, meron lang kasing hindi sumunod.

gani2 nalang i abolish nalang volleyball sa uaap..masyadong magulo ala naman yan epekto sa buhay natin eh..or gawin na lang 1 week affair para tapos agad-knok out game na lang para malaman agad kung no ang magaling…

c gorayev ang nagreklamo k c d accept ang pag k talo ganun gnawa nya sa benilde kc talo c la…dapat i ban ang mga bitterr instead like gorayev

c gORaYEv ang nagreklamo k c d accept ang pag k talo ganun gnawa nya sa benilde kc talo c la…dapat i ban ang mga bitterr instead like GoRaYev

Wherever we go, there will always be rules that we all have to follow. Nandyan yan to keep things in order. once we our caught red handed sasabihin na lang natin, tanggalin na yan, mali yan, kasalanan ng nagturo, all excuses these and that. kindly reflect naman of the team/ coach/ school admin/ players responsibility to know the rules and regulations of each league they’re participating in. Wag lang silang gumawa ng excuses na kung sinu sino tinuturo. Wag kang maglaro sa ibang league during your season, mahirap ba yun? responsibility yun ng coach/admin nila to remind them kung anong dapat nilang gawin. responsibility ng players to know all of these as well. Anong kasalanan ni Gorayev dito? He’s doing his job to make sure everything is in accordance to the rules. At yung mali yung taong gumagawa ng tama, dahil sa maling ginawa ng iba. MAG ISIP NAMAN PWEDE?! Kung sinong gumawa ng mali yun ang dapat sisihin! Kung si Vangie de Jesus ng UE ba nagreklamo, would it make any difference? Personally, i’m not a big fan of both Ateneo or La Salle not even UST, talunan ang favorite team ko. Pero wag naman tayong magtangatangahan sa kasalanang kayo rin naman ang gumawa.

kawawa nman buong team ng dlsu, nadamay sa ginawa ng ka teammates na hindi nman asset ng team. . . Yeung at GArbin???????????? Cguro kaya lumaro cla dun sa ibang league. . . di kasi naipapasok sa uaap. . .

kawawa dlsu nadamay sa ginawa ng dalawang players na hindi sikat at hindi nman asset ng team. . .

dpat magkaroon ng disiplina. . .

Kung ako sa DLSU tatanggapin ko na yung sanction tapos talunin nila lahat ng mga teams sa susunod nilang games. Ipakita nila na kahit ganun ang nangyari kaya pa rin nilang maging champions. Insecure lang kasi yung coach nung isang team sa Lasalle kaya nagpapansin pati sa NCAA womens volleyball (if i’m correct tanggal ang CSB at Perpetual dahil rin sa same issue.)nagpapansin. Alam kasi nya na wala silang pagasa sa championship mapa UAAP man yan o NCAA. DLSU-WVT, rules are rules so you need to abide by it. To the school next time be sure that you are aware of what your players are doing, so that you won’t be in this kind of issue AGAIN. Nasisira pangalan nating mga Lasalista dahil rin sa inyo. Pero kahit ganun I am still a true green-blooded Lasallian. ONE GOAL. ONE TEAM. ONE LASALLE. ANIMO LASALLE!

im confident DLSU will take this whole thing as a challege and rise to the occasion!! im betting they will still make it sa final 4! 🙂


i think everybody deserves a chance to learn from their mistakes 🙂 tao lang..

hindi rin. . . lagi na lang umuulit and lasalle. . .

@bea ang dami mong alam, cge ikaw na, ikaw na ang magaling… lol!

@ musikero: opinion lang yun noh. . .


I know they made a mistake…. It’s done… we cannot undo it anymore… I just hope and pray na maging fair yung decision nila… I will still love DLSU no matter what… hehehe

Since it is a rule – a published & official rule, which i know all UAAP teams are aware of, then it should be followed. Whether the existence of such is justified or not, it doesn’t matter, still everyone who is in the league must abide. Sanctions have to be made to the teams (or individuals) who break it.

In my opinion, the least that the board can do is suspend the two players involved in this. Lucky for the Lady Spikers then and also for the fans. There might be game forfeitures. Worst would be suspension from the entire season; this might be unlikely since I don’t think it’s a major offense.

Let’s just wait for the UAAP Board to cast its decision on this matter. Hopefully it might be favorable to ALL UAAP teams. [Not just for DLSU or to any other teams]

It’s already Wednesday.
When will the official announcement be made?

a rule is a rule. . . every team knows the rule so everyone must abide by that rule. . . nobody is above the law. . . suspension of dlsu will be the best remedy so that nobody will do the same violation again in the future. .

dpat parusahan ang dlsu. si erap nga na dating presidente ng pilipinas, nung sumuway sa batas nakulong pa. ibig sabihin dapat managot ang may sala. damay damay na dapat para matakot gumawa ng mali ang bawat myembro ng team. dlsu lagi sumusuway basketball man o volleyball.

one game lang ng dlsu ang na-forfeit so 7-1… for updates, meron ne po sa mga discussionssa rpspikers

Hey EriQ! You still write for spikeithard?

Anyway, that’s good news for lasalle and their fans… ano nangyari?

still finding time.. hehe


Decision of the board:

The two La Salle, one UP and one UE players are disqualified to play for the rest of the volleyball season.

The result of the UE-La Salle game is reversed with the score of 0-25, 0-25, 0-25 in favor of UE.

The score of the UP-La Salle match is adjusted to 0-25, 0-25, 0-25 in favor of La Salle.

The score of the UP-NU (2nd round) match is adjusted to 0-25, 0-25, 0-25 in favor of NU.

The score of UST-UE match is adjusted to 0-25, 0-25, 0-25 in favor of UST.

——-The LaSalle players were named. Who are the players from UP and UE that were disqualified??

dpat tlaga higpitan ang implementation ng rules para hindi na maulit. . . kahihiyan din ng uaap yan. . .

How much is the ticket in San Juan Arena?

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sana yung mga dating referees na lang ang kinuha ng uaap. . . hindi fair ang mga referees sa mga tawag nila.. . ang daming maling tawag. . . dpat ibalik na lang yung mga dating referee para fair. . .

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