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Do you know who this volleyball player is? If not, then you need a heavy dose of international volleyball news you can find at Volleywood! The new website (the old one was on blogspot) has just been launched.

If you play volleyball, you are a member of Volleywood! Players from all over the world are welcome to join. The goal is to feature local, national and international players from all over the world. Latest events, competitions, open gym volleyball in San Francisco Area and more. News, Fashion, Gossip and more!

If is the sports blog that talks about volleyball in the Philippines in general, on the other hand, covers international volleyball events from all over the globe! If you’re an avid follower of FIVB competitions such as World Volleyball Grand Prix, World League, Women’s Volleymasters, Olympic games, and other international volleyball events, then you should check out (assuming you haven’t stumbled upon this very popular volleyball site yet). Recently, I happened to get to know the person behind Volleywood. Thanks to Facebook. And I was surprised to know that he is a fellow Pinoy!!

Volleywood has become so popular he got invited to write about the FIVB Men’s World Championship in Rome, and is currently working on to be featured in a volleyball magazine (and a guest reporter on the Net Live show of Reid Priddy and Kevin Barnett).

What’s amazing about Volleywood is that the site never seems to run out of interesting volleyball news and famous players to feature.

I rarely get to watch international volleyball matches on TV so I go to Volleywood and watch all sorts of game highlights, video interviews on players, and other volleyball stuff. Here are a few videos taken from Volleywood’s YouTube channel:

Manon Flier: Asystel Volley 2009-2010

Highlights: Brazil vs Germany Friendly Match

For the latest in international volleyball news, head on to Become a fan of Volleywood in Facebook:

Mr. Volleywood (his real name is Ace Asas by the way) asked me who my favorite international volleyball players in the men’s division are. I said Giba of Brazil and Ivan Miljkovic of Yugoslavia. Whenever I watch these guys spike it hard in a game, they always stand out. And then he emailed me these… (next page please)…

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