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I’ve been testing this BeachVolley Scoreboard app on my iPod 2nd Gen (latest iOS 4.0.2). This app is pretty basic and straight forward so it should be easy enough to use. I usually prefer writing down the stats of a volleyball match on paper. But perhaps making use of this app on my iPod could be easier. It’s meant for beach volleyball (up to 4 vs. 4 players) but I guess I can try using it on indoor volleyball games particularly during our PVC Men’s Volleyball matches.

So far I already found a bug wherein the app closes whenever I try to access the Archives. But maybe I’m just running out of disk space. The app costs only USD$0.99 so anyone who fancies watching or playing beach volleyball games may wanna try this app out just for the fun of it. Disclaimer: I’m testing this because app developer Daniele Fruzzetti asked me to do so.

BeachVolley Scorboard for your iPhone / iPod

BV.SB it’s a fantastic Beachvolley Scoreboard, useful for audience to follow matches at their best, very useful for referees to keep control all the info about matches such as:
– Score.
– Service order.
– Timeouts with time countdown.
– Court switch report.
– Personal points to elect the MPV of the match.

Possibility of save the matches to continue them later or to archive an entire tournament. Fully configurable:
– Three types of matches: 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4.
– Customizable team names.
– Customizable players names.
– Points per set: 15, 21, 25.
– Court switch: every 5 ponits, every 7 points, every 10 points.
– Number of timeouts: 1, 2, 3.
– Timeouts duration: 30 sec., 45 sec., 60 sec., 90 sec.

This app can be downloaded over at iTunes over here. For more info about the app, go here.

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