The Green Corner #12: Gearing Up

Summer Heat is on! Shakey’s V-League unwraps today at the Arena with ten teams joining.

It’s been almost a month since UAAP ended, and here we are, back again at the helm to give our readers a preview of what would be the V-League like this coming conference.

It’s sad that La Salle didn’t join this conference but it’s okay since there are a lot of teams who are really as strong as well. There are three provincial teams who surely beefed up their rosters, one in fact, even hired a Thai guest player. Aside from that, they are getting a lot of guest players here in Manila. I actually think that this V-League, though short, will be as exciting, or maybe even more than the past conferences.

Likewise, looking at the line-ups of teams, this ones bound to be a competitive league. I see at least 5 teams contending for the crown namely UST, Ateneo, Lyceum, Adamson and San Sebastian. I have yet to see the other teams play too so I’m not sure.

Let’s enjoy this summer conference and as much as possible support Philippine Volleyball!


Written by Benj Zabat and Jannie Gavile
Edited by: Jannie Gavile


Benj Zabat’s take:

It has been a long time since these two teams met and it was such a demolition for the part of CSB mainly in part because of the superb performance of the Lady Blazers back then and a seemingly lackluster performance on the part of the Lady Eagles. Well now, things I guess are bound to change from the last time these two teams faced each other? For one, the Lady Eagles seems to have gotten their much needed confidence boost due in fact to their third place finish. Now though, with the impending entrance of much taller players, things are bound to change and with the comeback of their two guest players, Son Keawbundit and Charo Soriano, this team is all spiced up and with an almost in tact team, they are bound to be one of the contenders this season. They have to watch-out their floor defense though and their general performance which has been the team’s notable weakness over their performance in the recent UAAP Season 72. On the other side of the court though, there is the Lady Blazers from CSB who would have Jennifer Manzano, their guest player from La Salle – Dasma (who plays the open spiker position) and Rossan Fajardo (sister of the controversial Kim Fajardo). As far as their line-up is concerned though, they have one of the most intact line-ups in this conference; one that bagged this year’s bridesmaid finish over at the NCAA season 84 but somehow, the girls does not seem to take this league seriously a reason why despite their good finishes in their home league, they seem to perform at a mediocre level in the V-League. Will this time be different though? Well, if they would be dead serious just as the other teams would be, expect this game to take it through the wire in a minimum of four sets. Let the game begin!

Jannie’s take:

I’m sure Ateneo’s dead serious to avenge their defeat to Benilde the last time out. After watching the training of both teams, Benilde poses a threat in the open area as they will have their two guest players put their. Aside from that, they have another offensive option in the middle in Giza Yumang. They have very good blocking and must sustain that against an Ateneo team who doesn’t block so much. However, they have to work on their floor defense though, an edge the Lady Eagles have against the Lady Blazers. As we all know, the Lady Eagles is one of the best teams when it comes to floor defense. Coupled with a solid arsenal of offense in Charo Soriano, Son Keawbundit, Dzi Gervacio, Bea Pascual, Kara Acevedo and Fille Cainglet, I’m sure the team will use these to form combination plays and to maximize its spiking ability. If Ateneo’s tremendous spiking and floor defense will work, then I’d say that this game will go to Ateneo in three to four sets.

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