The Green Corner #11: Green or Yellow?

The Finals has been exciting in a way that we can see a lot of rallies. Especially in the Men’s. Those three sets were fun. I mean, if you would look at it, after the game, it’s as if you actually witnessed a five-setter game because of how both teams played. The women’s game kind of bored me. UST just really showed dominance over La Salle in Game 1 especially in the third set. Was hoping for a closer game, but then since I predicted a UST win last time in 3 to 4 sets, I should not have expected. Haha. Silly me.

I heard tomorrow will be a reunion of some sorts for the UST alumni/alumnae athletes not just in volleyball but also in basketball, swimming, etc. I guess the community in Espana is just so psyched up to win the games tomorrow. I just love how the supporters of UST come out to support their teams. It’s as if the school spirit in this schools is very much alive and that they really inspire and encourage their athletes to do their best.

I hope the La Salle crowd won’t be outnumbered much though tomorrow. After all, they are still the defending champions. I’m sure a lot of LaSallians out there will support the girls to force a decider on Wednesday. Gang Green will be supporting the team tomorrow so I’m expecting a non-stop cheering.

Prepare for some wild but fun action tomorrow. I’m sure the game tomorrow will be celebrity-studded or at least in sports. Have fun guys! 🙂

I’m sorry if I can’t make predictions today because of some problems. But I’ll make it up in our next article. Our next article will feature what we think of the awardees and if there will be a Game 3, we will be making predictions once more. If not, we will making our farewell to UST and DLSU. That’s all for now.


Written by Benj Zabat (predictions) and Jannie Gavile (intro)
Edited by: Jannie Gavile

FEU-UST (Men’s)

First Round Encounter: FEU def. UST – 25-23, 21-25, 27-25, 25-20
Second Round Encounter: UST def. FEU – 25-21, 25-20, 25-13
Finals Game 1: UST def. FEU – 25-20, 25-22, 25-22

UST takes home game one in a very convincing fashion to my surprise not that I’m not expecting that from them but what I am most surprised off is how FEU played during game one which is to say lackluster, uninspired and absent-minded. Again, I am really impressed with this current UST team: they are composed, smart and really good. Why? Just look at how Karl Dimaculangan sets the ball, it is so amazing to see him create that plays and why not? I really think they have one of the best combination plays I have seen in a collegiate men’s team. Credit also their good defense and solid, solid blocking. Also, what impressed me during their first encounter here in the Finals with FEU is how mentally and emotionally-ready they were coming to the game. You see in sets two and three, FEU is leading for most of the time during those sets and yet, they are able to win them all. Thanks also to key and veteran players like Henry Pecana, JP Torres and Harby Ilano. On the Tamaraws’ side however, their game was “okay”, it just lacked the end game finish probably because this is their first time in around two years that they got into the championship again. What is impressive with them is that no matter how marked their open spikers are, they seem to find a way to score much like Mumay Vivas of their women’s team. However, it is really apparent that the team cannot handle championship pressure and I guess, they are not ready for everything that maybe associated with it. Further, they have to prove why they are one of the best defenders on the floor and in doing that, they need to have excellent floor defense and they need to read the offense of UST if in case it passes through the block which is another point of concern/improvement. The team has little blocking and floor defense alone cannot keep the team afloat. Finally, there is the variation of plays. They are too predictable and the blockers of UST are making easy work of them. In the end though, if the Tigers will continue that dominant performance, this championship series might end here.

UST-DLSU (Women’s)

First Round Encounter: DLSU def. UST – 20-25, 25-20, 22-25, 25-22, 15-11
Second Round Encounter: UST def. DLSU – 23-25, 20-25, 26-28, 25-16, 15-12
Finals Game 1: UST def. DLSU – 24-26, 25-23, 25-16, 25-21

It was a sad loss for the Lady Spikers and a triumphant win for UST. I am again surprised how the game turned-out especially for the Lady Spikers. Let me review first what UST did right this time. First, the team’s key players Angge Tabaquero and Aiza Maizo were unstoppable both in offense and in defense may it be in the net or in the floor. What was impressive was Rhea Dimaculangan, the team’s setter was able to confuse blockers of DLSU time and again which has been a key factor why they are able to run their plays flawlessly and of course, Angge’s attacks are almost unstoppable and awe inspiring. Although it can be said that their middle plays was missing. Both Maika Ortiz and Dindin Santiago are not performing at their usual while Jecjec Curato along with Aiza and Angge are also unstoppable at the floor. Also, there is their superb net defense which has read the attacks of the DLSU girls. The Lady Spikers on the other hand really had a poor setting duties. I saw the improvements over at Cha Cruz and Liss Gohing but they need to bring their A game back. Much like the game they had during the first round of elimination. Also what lacked is the variation of plays that they had no trouble executing before. For example the C-quick plays for Steph Mercado and Cha and the middle hits for Jacq Alarca and Abi Marano although. Further, Abi and Joanne Siy were almost a non-factor during the game (good thing Joanne was the only unmarked offensive option of the team) and even the reserve setter had rookie and championship jitters. Well sad to say that it is their worst game this season and they looked defeated already after sets two and three. The championship panache was gone and UST took advantage of it. If UST will be able to maintain that level of play and composure tomorrow, the championship series might end here. On the other hand, if DLSU will show dominance and derail the Tigresses tomorrow, there might be a good chance to extend this series.

We’re down to 1. Now let’s go to the 2nd game of the Finals. Good Luck to La Salle and UST in the Women’s and to UST and FEU in the Men’s. Give us a hell of a game!

(Spoiler Alert: If you wanna see the UAAP Awardees then turn to the next page. It’s okay if you don’t. There’s nothing in the next page. It’s just really the list of awardees)

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additional info lang po…

Henry Pecaña (men’s)
Rhea Katrina Dimaculangan (women’s)

again. awarding a mvp to a player whose team didnt even make it to the final four is really crazy. mvp- MOST VALUABLE whats there to award for a player who was not even a factor for making her team barge into the final 4. SUPER LUTO. anyway, they’re the host. what else can we do. consuelo de bobo na lang.

yeah. I agree. Based on points lang yata kasi yun. For me dapat nakabase ang pagiging MVP sa impact ng player sa team and yung achievement ng team itself sa league. Parang Basketball lang. And if I may add, Angeli Tabaquero has done all that right?

i think your wrong awarding a player that shows talent, skills and heart even though her team didn’t make it to the finals is a just act. ang sukatan ng pagigging mvp ay hindi naman iyong champion kayo but on the performance of the player throughout the season and VIVAS and PERAJA desrved that award. Sila ang nagdala ng kanikanilang team…..

tingin ko nman deserving cla, that said, Captain Maizo should’ve been the MVP last season considering that she’s the #1 attacker, #2 blocker, and she brought her team to the final 4 w/o balse, bernal, & tabaquero. but they gave it to illa santos

Kung sa individual performance talagang wala kang masasabi sa mga naging season’s MVP’s they just fallow the style in the shakey’s v league na merong Finals at conference’s MVP to give credit to the players who really shine individually and whose a gem to there respective teams

Well, my point is, if you’re the only legit player on you’re team that can score, chances are talagang madami kang ipupuntos. So if Mangui or another player from UE ended up as the best scorer, would you name one of them as the MVP? I guess you would. I don’t know about the men’s division pero Vivas and FEU couldn’t really defeat high seeded teams like UST and La Salle (they even took lessons from Ateneo on how to make a comeback). So I’m just frustrated with the MVP award. At least a team in the top four, that I wouldn’t mind at all.

i agree. . .

well, ang basehan naman diyan ay di lang sa scoring, pati din sa attacking, digging, serving, all skills and aspects. and vivas really showed her talent not only in one category of the game.

much to the dismay of the crowd mvp was given to non-deserving players. . . esp. men’s mvp (ateneo) . . . they have it patterned from the asian volleyball who gave the mvp to the player of iran (2nd place) and did not give it to japan (champion). . . buti na lang they gave mvp of the finals award to the most deserving player HENRY JAMES PECAÑA. . .

kahit anong sabihin niyo…………inggit lang kayo

vivas and pecana both deserved the season’s mvp… i hope you all understand the uaap rule on giving such award. seasons best is picked in the eliminations inorder to have a fair basis… anyone can be one, that if they will excel in all departments…and thats what vivas and pecana did… finals mvp on the otherhand is for the champion team only…

!!wahh dapat si ate ANGGE or si ATE AIZA ang MVP!! pero good work nalang kai DIMACULANGAN!!