The Green Corner #10: The Climax

It was just three months ago when everyone actually was itching to be in the Final Four. Here we are again. In the Finals. Now everyone’s itching to go back to Day One to reminisce the great volleyball games that has happened this year. I, for one, can’t even move on and believe that it’s already in the Finals. I mean, come on, it’s really early. I still want more games! Haha.

For the first time in years, La Salle and UST will actually make it to the UAAP Finals. I can still remember 4 years back when La Salle and UST would face off in the V-League Finals perennially with Michelle Carolino playing for La Salle and Roxanne Pimentel for UST. Man, those games were ecstatic. It’s as if volleyball is in the same level already as basketball that time with the many fans watching the games. This year, I’m sure it will be as exciting as the basketball games. If you remember months back, in basketball, La Salle and UST had very exciting games against each other. You’d be surprised that Araneta had so many spectators that time despite UST being 4th and La Salle being only 6th. I am expecting more LaSallians and Thomasians to watch the game later. I hope students from both schools can egg on their teams to win the championship. Of course, nothing beats school pride. It’s what makes college wars really exciting I guess.


Writted and Edited by: Benj Zabat and Jannie Gavile

Before we actually go to our Finals Predictions let us say goodbye to the two blue bird teams.


Graduating/Losing Players: Steph Gabriel, Bea Pascual (4th), Misha Quimpo (4th) and Ave Paje (3rd)

Jannie Gavile:
Sophomore Jinx? Not with these girls I guess. Though sometimes inconsistent, they assert dominance and the will-to-win in most of their games, despite that a lot of them are just in their first and second year. Dzi Gervacio has been solid this year. It’s almost a sure point if ever you actually set the ball to her, just like Vivas. She’s just inconsistent sometimes and when frustrated, she spikes the ball out of bounds. Same goes with Fille Cainglet who’s slowly developing her power and her spiking skills. If you saw her play against FEU this second round, you’d think that she’s already 4th or 5th year or something delivering those crucial shots in the fifth set. I think a lot will agree in me in the fact that the most improved player this year is Bea Pascual. Sure enough, the team became stronger and deadlier because of her powerful quicks and drop shots. No offense to her, she wasn’t like that last year. I mean, she was just there for blocking which was why she was named UAAP Season 69 Best Bocker. But this year, especially in the second round, set the ball to her, and it’s almost a sure point. That was evident against FEU, La Salle, etc. Sad that it’s already her last year. During the Final Four, I don’t know how to evaluate how this team performed. True enough, they actually succumbed to pressure since most of them are in their first Final Four appearance and thus, having a dismal and disappointing performance. Like, Most of them are young and it’s either they can surprise a lot of teams or they will succumb to pressure and give up easily. But let’s see. I’ve been following this team since they first established a program by manager Sir Tony Boy Liao, and they’ve been rapidly progressing every year. Maybe next year, we can already consider the team a Finals contender because of the recruits I have been hearing. Even the other UAAP coaches like Coach Shaq and Coach Ramil said that Ateneo got almost the best high school recruits next year. I thnk they have seven or eight. While other teams only have like one or two. But let’s see. After all they are still recruits.

Benj Zabat:
One of the teams who surprised not only me but everyone else because of the fast development they have shown only in their two years with their three year program under coach Roger. What’s really surprising is that if they’re on it, they are really on it beating two of their most formidable opponents in the form of UST and Adamson – a feat that if their game is good, they are really dangerous. Sadly, their inconsistencies have somewhat plagued them especially in key matches. However, now that the season is over for them, they have nothing to be embarrassed about but rather, take this as a sign of good things coming for the team. I guess, with a few good recruits, more intense training, experience and confidence will surely make them one of the more dangerous opponent next season only if again, they can be consistent with their game. Farewell for now Lady Eagles, it was a nice showing this season for you. May the coming months inspire you to train harder and become better athletes. Until next season, Lady Eagles!

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