The Green Corner #9: Fast Heart Rates and Quadruple Excitements

Damn, if you’d look at it, you’d see like a dose of Biology and Physics. Haha. It’s kind of scientific and I’m just realizing just now when I was looking and typing about it. Haha. But anyway, it’s kind of fitting for the games this afternoon I guess. Anyway, You guys wonder how we name our column? Haha. It’s me, Jannie, who always does this and the introduction part. Most of the time, I edit Benj’s work and try to make it up in the introduction. Anyway, it’s been a tough week for me. Not only in volleyball but also in academics. Been having a lot of quizzes in Accounting, Calculus, Statistics, etc. It’s likewise University Week in La Salle, so you guys can imagine how busy we are in preparing and organizing stuff. It’s been tough because not only did our Lady Spikers lost (but that’s not really painful since it’s just one game and for sure they’ll bounce back), the Green Spikers lost as well. To be honest, I’m closer with the Green Spikers than the Lady Spikers. Some of them are like my ‘anak’s and they are like brothers to me. Seeing their super young team fall to La Salle was very painful as I was there at the Blue Eagle Gym to watch the game. Oh well, for a young team, they already made an achievement and for sure they’ll bounce back soon.

Whew! I can’t believe we’re already in the Final Four. It’s fast. It was not so long ago that the UAAP opened and I was there to actually witness the first two games. And now, here we are. Final Four. Damn. I just can’t imagine how The Arena will be filled later with fans of La Salle, Ateneo, UST and Adamson. Last Sunday was a blast. Expect more today when the additional fans of Ateneo and Adamson will come of course. We’re down to last four teams. Last four who rose to the occasion. Last four who stood out and became mighty throughout the season. Meet your Final Four this year:

DLSU (13-1)

UST (12-2)

ADMU (10-4)

ADU (9-5)

Again, Congratulations to the four and may you bring us exciting and quality games from hereon. To all the fans out there, hoping you will likewise have fun and enjoy the Final Four games. Let us not also forget that the Men’s Volleyball tournament will also have their Final Four later on with FEU (2) going up against Ateneo (3) at 9 AM and UST (1) going up against UP (4). Good luck to the 8 teams! Wish You All The Best and God Bless!


Written by: Benj Zabat (game predictions), Jannie Gavile (intro)
Edited by: Jannie Gavile


First Round Encounter: DLSU def. AdU – 25-15, 25-17, 25-20
Second Round Encounter: DLSU def. AdU – 35-33, 25-23, 24-26, 25-17

Oh how the mighty has fallen. After a thirteen game winning streak, the Lady Spikers of DLSU finally got their first loss after being beaten by the Lady Tigresses of UST on a thrilling five setter match. Now they are facing off the Lady Falcons of Adamson in their best of two semi-final match tomorrow at the Arena. What I have noticed between these two teams is that they seem to have lost focus on their several key assignments and they seem to have not remedied their perennial problems of setting for DLSU and blocking/designing combination plays for Adamson. So what would be the advantages of these teams coming to this match? Well for Adamson, there is their solid floor defense as I always mention in my previous articles also, that ever reliable combination of Benting-Soriano-Gustilo that would rack-up points at will as well as the impeccable coaching of Coach “Mommy” Dulce Pante. On the DLSU side however, it is their impeccable blocking, number of offensive options, very deep bench and a competitive if not solid floor defense. In their past matches, the Lady Spikers has proved that blocking is superior to Adamson’s floor defense. Will it still be the same this time? What these teams need to work on however is for Adamson: like I always say the weak rotation when Gustilo-Quinlog-Patilano is in the frontline where they have a very difficult time scoring or replace Quinlog with someone better since she basically cannot perform her duties as center blocker/spiker for the team. For DLSU on the other hand, it has always been their setting and as of late consistencies when it comes to focus and that “killer instinct” they had during the first round. If DLSU, will however, be able to move all of their spikers through and if they keep that solid blocking then we will just see a repeat of what happened during the first two rounds where they finished their games in three-four sets.


First Round Encounter: ADMU def. UST – 32-30, 25-23, 8-25, 19-25, 17-15
Second Round Encounter: UST def. ADMU – 25-17, 23-25, 25-11, 25-20

Both fresh from their wins against Adamson and La Salle, Ateneo and UST are bound to face each other in what could be one of the best volleyball game that we will see this season. Having one win against each other, we will now see what these ladies are made of especially that at during this part of the season, teams should already peak to their potential. What is most interesting though is that it will be a match up of one the best blocking teams against one of the best digging/receiving teams in the league which as volleyball fans might now is a “contrapello” in terms of skills. So what made them win in their past matches? For UST, it has always been their blocking, the number of plays they can run, the consistent setting for Rhea Dimaculangan and also that deep bench; fielding in good replacements when the starters are not doing okay. As for Ateneo, they are much, much improved in their floor defense and digging also, there is that number of offensive options that the team can go to and the excellent plays that Jem Ferrer is creating for the team. However some weaknesses which have been thoroughly evident even in their past games during the elimination round such as floor defense and complacency for UST and inconsistency as well as blocking for Ateneo. At the end though it will be a tough call to make who could emerge victorious but if UST continues to do what they do best, blocking and offense or if Ateneo can confuse the blockers of UST and make sure they have a solid floor defense and have relatively good blocking tomorrow, any team can win this game. Just expect it to finish in around four sets, minimum.

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well you made a wrong forecast, ust easily demolished ateneo in straight sets. you said, 4 sets minimum, what a blunder

honga… pero di ka sasagutin nyan

tignan mo nga yung tanong ko sa kanila sa isang posting nila prior to this one eh nilulumot na pero di parin sinasagot nung isang writer…

they may not want us to get the idea that they’re writing this without any bias but it’s way too obvious even if you’ve just read only once…

benj zabat! kelan mo sasagutin tanong ko?… hehe…

this is the second time, kung sakali, that you’ve under estimated the tigresses…

Haha. Oo nga. I can’t imagine the fury THE TIGER PACK will unleash if they read how the writers have continuously underestimated the Tigresses. Well, I guess that’s part of the job. For things to become interesting, you have to be opinionated. And somewhat cross the line between that and being biased. Haha. We fans don’t need to do anything. Our Lady Tigers put these people to shame.

“At the end though it will be a tough call to make who could emerge victorious..”

SERIOUSLY??? Hahaha. You have got to be kidding me.

tough call for a birdbrained nitwit… lol

really tough… haha… so to play safe, they opted to equate uste to admu…