My Batangas summer volleyball experience

NOTE: This blog post has just been updated to include some photos.

Eric and friends during their Batangas summer outing

Summer is here and the hottest place to be is…. the beach!!! On March 14-16, me and a number of my friends stayed in Matabungkay, Batangas for our early summer outing. Matabungkay is a place where you can relax, swim, and of course, play our favourite sport – volleyball by the panoramic view of the sea. It also served as a pre-despedida event for our friend Precy, a former volleyball player from San Sebastian College Recoletos de Cavite, who is now an OFW and about to return to his work on a cruise ship. So before his literal overseas occupation, we decided to strengthen our ties on this frugal but definitely enjoyable summer getaway.

In Batangas we went and rented a “kubo” with three rooms for PhP 3,000.00 and that’s good for three days. There we take pleasure in swimming on the pristine waters of Lian and enjoyed the heat of the sun. There were a number of beach volley courts on this shore so you will surely get your doze of volley action almost everywhere. We played 6 on 6 on our first day and yours truly, (yes, Me) had a taste of raw beach volley using the new Mikasa MVA330. It was pure fun. My more competitive friends had their own share of “pustahan” with some locals who happen to play really good. And guess what the “pusta” is… soft drinks! But hey, with the excitement and high level of plays that we saw, the bet is not that important. On our second day, we had a mini-beach volley tournament. 14 teams of 2 members each were formed for a cash prize of PhP300 for the champions. These people that I am with are current and former varsity players of SSCR-C and street volley league thespians of Cavite, and we are with their coach, so you just can’t imagine how the games went, it was remarkable.

It was a fun filled vacation for all of us. Being with my friends and meeting new people and see them play gives me a different kind of high. I suggest that you guys try to have the same kind of adventure that we had. Lastly, I would like to thank the people that I was with during our three day escape, old and new friends, Lee, Thony, Chang, Tootsie, Koren, Edmond, Precy, Ellie, Joey, Ma’am Earl and Sir Aris, Teng and Joey, Mac-mac, Gretchen, Ivan, and Coach. I had a blast during those days; I hope that we could do it all over again. Let’s keep the ball flying high!!!

Eric and friends during their Batangas summer outing

Eric and friends during their Batangas summer outing

Eric and friends during their Batangas summer outing

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  • Volleyball is a great sports. I love it too. More power to the people who attend this Summer Volleyball Stuff!

  • ian

    Hi there! My name is Ian. I am working in a call center but I always see to it that I go home every weekend to my hometown, Lian, Batangas. I am one of the frequent faces you’ll see there playing beach volley with the folks. When are you coming back to Matabungkay? Hope we can play together.

    • eriq

      nakalaro ka kaya namin?

      baka december balik kami dun.. keep in touch ka lang…

  • Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing some photos Eric 🙂