Blue Eaglets: Ateneo de Manila Juniors Volleyball Team

You can catch the Blue Eaglets in action during the UAAP Season 71 Juniors Volleybal competition every weekends at the UE Gym. They’ll also be in Petron tournament which will be held in Arellano University Gym every weekends starting this September up to October.

UAAP 71 Ateneo de Manila High School game sked
Venue: UE Gym

August 9, Saturday 12:30pm – ADMU vs UST
August 10, Sunday 11:00am – ADMU vs DLSZ
August 16, Saturday 9:30am – ADMU vs UPIS
August 17, Sunday 9:30am – ADMU vs UE
August 22, Friday 2:00pm – ADMU vs NU

As part of promoting the UAAP Juniors Volleyball, I decided to interview players from the Ateneo de Manila High School, since as most people said, they, together with the University of the East High School are the favorites this year to make it to the Finals. I decided to interview first the contender while the interview from the 4-peat defending champion will come soon. 

There are four Blue Eaglets that I interviewed namely Neil Flores, Tomie Rivera, JP Pareja and team captain Gelo Caancan. Neil and JP both play as open spikers, Tomie plays as setter while Gelo plays utility.

1. So first off, what is the significance of your jersey number? 

Tomie: I chose/ picked number 7 as my jersey number because it’s the “perfect” number. Hehe. It makes me strive harder in practices and games to be, if not the best, the better player that I can be.

Gelo: 8 Because it is Coach Cha’s jersey number! Hahaha! Kidding. From what I’ve heard, the Chinese consider this number as good luck, though I’m not Chinese. Haha! It has long been my number and I guess it just got stuck with me. 

JP: 13? Because when I was in grade school, many believed that 13 was an unlucky number. With this in mind, I said to myself that I must prove them wrong. That’s all. 

Neil: My jersey number is #1. Being the best is being #1. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to excel in the sport that is why I tell myself that I am the best so that my confidence would be boosted. (Hindi ako mayabang ha!) hahaha!

2. What are your preparations this coming UAAP?

Tomie: Now, we are really training very hard. We have our trainings five times a week.

Gelo: We have training sessions and tune-up games with different teams to help us get ready for the upcoming UAAP. We really focus on defense because it’s something we lacked last UAAP. Hopefully, all our hard work would pay off this season. 

JP: For this coming season, we’ve been practicing at least thrice a week. Included in our training program are the tune-ups with different teams and our physical training for good conditioning in the upcoming tournament. 

Neil: Our UAAP line up is composed of seniors. This is our last year in the AHSVT that is we told ourselves that we would give everything we have to get the crown. We have prepared by doing countless drills in blocking, spiking and reception. We have also played in tune up games with several teams to prepare us for the upcoming UAAP.

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Lol, who would sink so low as to insult and taunt their enemies in a blogsite? I meant to say, you could belt out anything you want to say here kasi may security kayo from the fact that you can remain anonymous and that no one can touch you behind the keyboard. XD

I say kung magtratrash talk lang kayo in a blogsite of all places, mag-agree na lang kayo on a date and punch each other or kill. Whatever. And stop bragging about the past. It’s irrelevant up to this point.

“And stop bragging about the past. It’s irrelevant up to this point”

sino ba ang nagsimula? dba ang mga yan? AT HINDI AKO NGYAYABANG. I WAS STATING FACTS.

The fact that you typed those facts here showed that you were bragging about them. This was trashing the other team after all, so you can’t say na you’re saying it for the sake of informing others lang.

And besides, I’m Atenean. I was talking about the people from La Salle. Even though my reasoning applies to both, mas marami naman silang pinagyabang.

kumampi ka nalang ok? KJ mo naman e.

besides, e ano kung ipagyabang ko un? hindi ba dapat ipagyabang un?

I seriously believe in what Michael has to say.

May mali ang LSGHVT at and AHSVT, at lahat ng mga taong nakisalamuha dito sa blogsite na ito sapagkat nagcomment kayo. 😀 Kasama na ko dun. O, bad na ko. 🙁 Wag na kasi kayong magpatulan. 😀 Jusko seriously. Is this a pride thing? Walang mararating ang pride kung wala naman kayong attitudes na maipapakitang kaproud proud. 😀

Ngunit, subalit, datapwat.. Kung nais n’yo pa ring mag away kung kanino ang pinakamagandang legs, at kung aling Becki ang may pinakamalaking dodo, maglaban kayo sa Ms. Gay Beauty Contest. Di patalbugan ng itsura dito. =))

My god, I can’t believe how people could be so immature. I can’t believe you guys have the guts to bash other players. First of all, we didn’t do anything to you guys. We won. That’s it. DEAL WITH IT.

lol. Obvious namang natalo si ahsvt03-06. Kumampi na lang daw amp. The hell? Michael, kung nandito ka sa La Salle, hindi ka tratratuhing walalng kwenta.

i so beg to differ… player niyo nga inintriga niyo at di pinalaro..kala niyo di namin alam un..
IMMATURE talaga..god…


Diba Neil around 5 months ago na ngyari yung championships and they’re Bitter pa rin. To think na we befriended some of these people. Gosh.

Sobra. I didn’t care about the “rivalry” nga eh. We were being friendly pa nga kela Peter eh kaya nakakagulat na may taong may lakas ng loob para mag ganyan dito. Oh well. Wag niyo nalang patulan okay? Pag hindi naman yan pinansin,titigil rin yan.

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this is kind of a serious topic for some of us kasi eh.


Anong kanta to? 😀

This is not a serious topic. This is just some foul-mouthed group of “young adults” put together in one window. 😀 Don’t make it as if THIS is worth your time. I’m just here enjoying other people’s outburst of belligerence. Enjoying the view of people cyber-tearing other people’s cyber-limbs into cyber-pieces. 😀

May, “I don’t care about the ‘Rivalry'” ka pang nalalaman. Alam ko naman na deep down pakita lang yung pagiging friends mo with Pete sa iba na Ateneans are the friendsly ones. Please, youre bad mouths are far from friendly.

Btw Neil, hindi ako makapaniwalang pumasa yung bobo mong utak sa fourth year. What did you do, threaten the teachers with your ugly squinted eyes? I really hope it falls off.

I also hope na maapakan ng sasquatch legs ni Ruiz yung shitface mong yun.

haha go ahead and bash all you want, di naman kami yung nagmumukhang masama eh.

wow. gusto niyo para hindi na kayo mahirapan isulat niyo na ngayon lahat ng panlalait na meron kayo para sa lahat ng member ng team namin. haha.

lahat ng sasabihin niyo kasi biniro na namin sa isa’t isa. kaya walang kwenta. K. so you should stop before you start beating your brains out trying to think of something new.

Natatawa nako. HAHA. FYI lang,honor student po ako.
Wala nako sasabihin. Enjoy bashing! The floor is yours! 🙂



Hey Neil, I’d really like to go out with you, if that’s fine. :”|

Haha. Why?

Ha? Nothin’. You seem cool n’ all…

I’m just your typical simple boy next door.




I’m actually nervous… I mean, this is my first time dating a guy… NOT that I’m saying na nag agree ka na agad, pero, that’s not the case…oh man…

Hoy JP puro ka pang aancha dyan. Jirits ka. Haha.

really? Awesome! here it is: kazukisuoh@yahoo. Looking forward to it. I’m actually online now! 😀

bakit may ganito dito?!? spikeithard is the new downelink! HAHAHAHA chos



malupit ah HAHAHA

kopas moments! wooot. :))

Shalom, maging payapa! 😀

ANYWAYS. This page got me so interested! And I am absolutely IN AWE at how far AND low people can go! And to think that this is a page about VOLLEYBALL, may LEGS pang nadadamay! Geez. Well, AHSVT, you honestly don’t have to worry about anything. Tama nga naman, ‘wag nang patulan. Even if the world were to be turned inside-out and topsy-turvy, and lahat na ng dahilan ay nailabas at naibigay (kasama ng panlalait sa LEGS at sa ibang aspeto ng kaanyuang pisikal) the BOTTOM LINE is: AHSVT pa rin ang lumabas na Champion – at IYAN ang nakalagay sa OFFICIAL documents na hinding-hindi mababago for whatever reason at all! SO, dears, there’s really NOTHING anyone can do about it but MOVE ON. Live and let live. I mean, REALLY!?!

PS. Go AHSVT batch 08-09! \:D/ And mga susunod na batches na rin. 😀

in fairness migui! hahaha. well said. 😀

nice one miggi. 🙂

Why thank you Gelo. 🙂 HAHA!


Wahahahaha ayan lumabas na ang aking personal bias. Chos lang. =))

I like this, very well said! 😀

Limbo-rock ata pinasukan ko, hindi volleyball…

hahahaha MG?!
love you megan HAHA

wait. kung hindi ito si migui pareja, si migui angangco to diba? KASI NAMAN EH! pakaraming MIGGI PUKI

Hail Hail Alma Matter
Hail to De La Salle
We’ll hold your banner High and Bright
A shield of green and white
we’ll fight to keep your glory bright
and never shall we fail
hail to thee our alma matter

Ack, grabe kayo! Homigod! Seriously, stop all this senseless fighting and try to get all this anger into something more productive like, say, UAAP and PAYA.

TO LSGH: Yeah, you may have lost, LSGH, and your 7-peat was grabbed by “worthless” AHSVT, but do you seriously have to bash on them to make yourselves feel better? Bakit hindi n’yo na lang ipa train yung mga bagong n’yong varsity to make them better and take on the crown again. Kung latak naman pala kasi yung mga team mates na iniwan n’yo then why the hell didn’t they train harder? Yun naman yun eh. It’s not about swertihan or whatever shiz it is you think of it, its about how dedicated your team is to winning the cup or the trophy or whatnot. TRAINING ang kailangan n’yo.

To ADMU: Yeah, they may be bashing on you but don’t stoop down to their level. If they wanna play dirty, let them be the one who gets filthy. Accept what they have to say, and do your best to show them you can be able to do as great as you did in the next couple of seasons. So, kung si Bahia man ay mataba, o si Bello ay bano whatsoever, at latak rin yung mga naiwan, edi ipagtraining n’yo. Simpleng solusyon.

TO ALL: I do understand that you guys have moved on to college, right? How about some sense of maturity?

Oh and dear God! ADMIN ADMIN? Delete comments and block any other incoming comments please? This place reeks of a typical Filipino forum with drama, action, and EGHAD! romance? Seriously, in the midst of a verbal war? What is this, some cheesy Koreanovela? 😀

But on a serious note, just forget all the drama and try to do your best on the next season. I’m going to watch and see who gets to the top this time. 😀 Go Don Bosco! Keme! Don Bosco ba yung venue natin before???

Ironic nung FOR THE LOVE OF VOLLEYBALL na title nito. 😀

Oh my gosh Nagulat lang ako sa mga nabasa ko!!! Alam mo ang mga Lasalista talaga pag talo ang galing manira ng mga kalaban!!! Nakakatawa talaga sila!!! Super :))!!! Nanalo sila sa amin nung unang round kasi ang baba ng NET! Pero nung Championship at mataas na ang net wala na silang nagawa! Hay naku nakakaawa talaga sila! Napakapathetic nila! Sana may mangyaring magnada sa inyo ngayong taon at hopefully matalo niyo kami ngayong upcoming season. Kasi hanggang simula lang naman kayo eh, di niyo kayang tapusin ang sinimulan niyo!!! hahaha! OO nga Mataba nga ako pero I’m sure na masmagaling ako sa mga Lasalista na yan. Mahiya hiya nga kayo naturingan pa man ding Lasalista kayo eh ganyan ang mga ugali niyo! At my gosh ha yan ba ang way niyo para makaganti sa akin or sa amin? Sorry talaga ha pero napakaCHEAP ng way niyo eh!!! Walang pinagkaiba sa mga taong di natuto ng CLE or GOOD MANNERS man lang. MApapahiya lang mga Brothers ng La Salle niyan.:(

Ako ay taong nananahimik hanggang nalaman ko ang mga sinabi nila sa akin. Nandamay pa sila ng mga taong malapit sa akin. Sinagot ko lang ang dapat kung sagutin. Sana MATANGGAP na lang ng mga atleta ang pagkapanalo nila o ang pagkatalo nila. Diyan pumapasok ang SALITANG SPORTMANSHIP!!:)


Way to overly use the exclamation point Bahia. Are you like, trying to yell it all out para marinig ng iba from afar?

Pakshet! Anu ba nmn toh! Kinorek ang kamalian ng isa pang mali ! WAHAHHAHAHAA!



Alam mo kawawa naman si HECTOR BAHIA! Wala naman siyang ginagawa sa mga Lasalistang iyan sinisiraan pa siya. Napakabait yata ni Hector, matalino, trust-worthy, at generous. Siguro naiingit lang ang mga taga La Salle na yan sa kanya!:)

Maglaban laban nalang kayo sa Ms. Lieu Lieu 2009!

Korek Ka Diyan Ateh! iAdvertize mo nlng ang napak-exciting event of the year 🙂 Para marami tyo pang “Audience Rapport”. Oh Di-va? At mga kere jan, invited rin kayo! 😉



Cge lang girl 🙂 laro ka nmn 🙂 para may magconduct ng Bayang Magiliw o di kaya’y para magbugaw ng langaw na parang sa palengke… <3

Chosko! Bayang Magiliw ba kamo? 😀 Cansa lang!

LUPANG HINIRANG po ang ating pang bansang awit hindi BAYANG MAGILIW. FYI lang. LOL.

oh tpos?

AKO KERE ! :)) :> :> :>


Guys, what’s with all this fuss?

I had high hopes of winning too but at the end of the game it’s really just like what others said “pana-panahon lang”. I really have great respect for the Ateneo players and I am truly sorry for what some people did, I really am. When I played in SanLo and saw one alumnus from our team, he asked me “kamusta paya? champion ba?” I humbly said, “talo eh, second lang.” He cursed me like hell saying, “PI niyo, bakit nyo sinayang yung streak yadayadayadayada.” I said nothing and just rolled my eyes as I walked away. Anyway I’m gonna cut this short. In behalf of those people who commented garbage on this post, I’m really sorry to the Ateneans. I’m just being rational and constructive here.

To Neil, Hector, JP, Gelo, Tommy and the others that were trash talked here, i’m really sorry. I mean, I didn’t have to do this but what can I do? Somebody has to clean up the mess they did. I know this is really immature. And I just want to let guys out there know that NOT all Lasallians are like this. You don’t have the right to judge and generalize, as much as I don’t. Again, I’m really sorry.

As soon as you read this comment, please reply. Thanks.

– #5 Victor Uy – Open Spiker

well said 🙂

well said nga Vic. San Lo! woooh. :))

Thanks Vic. No problem. Pasensya na rin sa mga nasabi ng mga kaibigan ko. We don’t want to be caught up in this senseless arguement. Sobrang waste of time. Its just that the comments posted here were really out of hand. Yeah we know not all Lasallians are like that that’s why we befriended guys from your team pa nga diba. What happens in court stays in court. The rivalry stays in court. I just hope that people would realize that. Bashing and letting other people feel bad won’t do anything good. It’s very immature. And hello, ang tagal tagal nang tapos ng PAYA! Just forget about it and move on diba? You can always make bawi sa susunod naman na PAYA eh. Haha.

lets just all arrange a play date:))=))

Nako, nagsasanlo pala to. HAHAHA. Adik rin. :p

yes San Lo! laro tayo! 😀 HAHA!

Sige sige one time laro tayo. Haha. :>

sige san lo! hahaha! alumni kasama ko dun hindi teammates ko :)):>

Sinong alumni? Hahaha.

teammates ko when i was in first year. sina mariano and others :))

hey Vic,

Thank you for the apology. This is very mature and responsible of you.

Well, I would also like to apologize for anything that we have said against your team, teammates or school. Especially about placing the link in my multiply site. (Once Multiply is up and running again, I’ll delete the entry right ahead.)

I hope that future teams for both our schools wouldn’t go through this again cause it only stains the image of both the team and school for either side. I think we all agree on that one, right?

Once again, thanks and sorry.

Amen to that, Jaye!

DUDE :)) PEACE :))

Yes, peace. SanLo na lang tayo. HAHAHA!

afteeeeeeeeer ng WAR… super KOPASAN bigla >:) :)) USO NGA NAMAN YUN NGAUN! :))


what’s kopasan? LOL! :)) sorry :|:))

HAHAHA wag mo na alamin Vic. LOL

okay hindi ko gets =)) sige :))

ito talaga si Jp o. masyado ka kasi eh. :))


Vic I salute you! Iba ka sa mga kateammates mo!:) Yan ang Lasalistang totoo:)! Peace VIC:)

BOOM BOOM POW. Chaka ng La Salle!

Victor Uy – #5 LSGH, proud ka? =))

can you please shut up?

eh kung ayaw ko? may magagawa ka ba? ha victor uy aray

If you’re brave, you should’ve used your real name here.
Scared huh?

sayang Talo kayo sa UST
sabog laro niya nun.

Gumaling si Belo
pero panget laro ni wijanko


bilib ako sa setter ng Ateneo ngaun. Grabe kahit malusog siya ang bilis kumilos. Swerte ang Ateneo sa kanya.


I used to play volleyball too, those were good times