You know you’re a volleyball player when…
  • 31. You don’t dribble balls, you smack them with the palm of your hand.
  • 32. You own a pair of volleyball shoes.
  • 33. Your email, screen name, etc., all have something to do with volleyball.
  • 34. You have muscles where you didn’t think muscles existed.
  • 35. You’re not afraid of falling.
  • 36. You know never to EVER open a volleyball bag with sweaty knee pads/shoes/etc after a tournament in a non ventilated area..or else you may die..
  • 37. You see tall people and think “she/he would make a great volleyball player”.
  • 38. You know guys only come to your games to see you in spandex.
  • 39. When people ask you what sports team you’re on when you wear your jersey… in your own school.
  • 40. When you know to shave your armpits before a game… and gross out when the blockers on the other team forgot to.
  • 41. You’ve driven miles to tournaments.
  • 42. You are/have been in a volleyball club.
  • 43. You can’t actually run… at all.
  • 44. You either laugh or get really mad when you see other people trying to play volleyball.
  • 45. You get really upset when someone kicks a volleyball.
  • 46. You’re a bitch.
  • 47. You know you’re better than everyone else.
  • 48. Volleyball is more important… than anything else that you have to do.
  • 49. You have permanent floor-burn marks.
  • 50. You’ve wanted to kill your coach at one point.
  • 51. Two words. Get low.
  • 52. You know what “side out” means. Or you don’t, but you yell it anyway.
  • 53. You think its normal to have balls deliberately hit at your face.
  • 54. People always ask if you play basketball, soccer, softball,..basically anything BUT volleyball.
  • 55. You spike a piece of trash into the trashcan instead of shooting it.
  • 56. Your feet are permanently messed up from volleyball shoes.
  • 57. You get really irritated at the stupid line judges that never pay attention..but then you go do the same thing.
  • 58. Slapping each other on the butt isn’t gay..its just funny!

Hmm, not too sure about slapping your teammate’s butt when you’re in a men’s volleyball team. To me, it’s so gay!! Just kidding. This list was taken from Farah’s Multiply blog. She’s somewhere in this photo:

Farah Ramos and her Miriam volleyball teammates

So are you a volleyball player?

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  • I’ve certainly experienced items#: 2, 13, 17, 19, 24, 28, 45, 55. Hahaha. And to add more to the list. You know you’re a volleyball player when…

    1. You suddenly jump off your seat trying to spike or serve an invisible volleyball while watching an exciting volleyball match on TV.
    2. You know who Mary Jean Balse, Michelle Carolino, Charo Soriano, and the Remulla sisters are.
    3. You’ve saved up and bought yourself a pair of Mizuno (or Asics) shoes.
    4. You’re not homophobic anymore ‘coz you play volleyball all the time with gay people. (Either that or you’re one of them.)
    5. You were one of the fans of Leila Barros during the 1999 World Volleyball Grand Prix when a leg was held here in Manila, Philippines.
    6. You waste Mueller athletic tape by wrapping all your fingers with it even if you’re not a setter ‘coz it looks cool!
    7. You try to jump as high as you can to touch the ceiling or anything hanging from the roof ‘coz volleyball players can jump high.
    8. You hated your school’s basketball team at one point because all the support and funds go to them.
    9. You are forbidden to play basketball by your volleyball coach.
    10. You frequently visit and the other volleyball forums.

  • sLy-xy

    1. You toss some imaginary ball when you’re alone..
    2. You hated when it rains and your volleyball court gets wet.
    3. You mourn for your expensive Mikasa that got punctured by you’re teammate.
    4. You curse NBN Channel 4 for not replaying V-league games anymore.
    5. You get frustrated knowing your National team can’t win any international games and you wish you can replace them as if it will change anything.
    6. You wish you can be the gf/bf of famous volleyball stars.ehhehe
    7. You know how to count 1 to 6 in spanish,(palo ka sa dos,pasok ka sa tres,mag-kuwatro ka,handa ka sais uno,magbackrow ka sais)
    8. You’re puzzled with how volleyball players usethe word “DIG”
    9. once in you’re volleyball life you aspired to be a jump server.ahahaha
    10.You’re tired of people bugging you saying “wala kang top-spin and clippings naman”
    11.You realize the importance of stretching after experiencing some game injuries.
    12.You imagine yourself just becoming a volleyball trainor and play volleyball the rest of your life but you realized it won’t earn you enough bucks to live a decent life.hehehe
    13.You wish you can learn how to be ambidextrous so you can hit balls with your left and right hand.
    14.You curse the person who invented the rule “two touches” because it’s not your fault when the ball rolled up to your face or the ball slipping in your hand.
    15.You’ve broken some mirrors or have accidentally hit some innocent by-standers.
    16.You fight over you’re teammates for a jersey number you both like to wear.
    17.You own personally a volleyball computer game..

    lot more i can think off but i’ll stop with my favorite number 17.hehehe


    17. You’ve tried setting into a basketball hoop.(i’ve actually scored two points through a float serve!hehehe)

    22. You’ve had at least one ball hit you in the face.(lots of balls)

    45. You get really upset when someone kicks a volleyball.(especialy if it’s you’re Mikasa they’re kicking scolding them”anu ba!wag mung sipain,ooblong yan!!!ahahhha)

    46. You’re a bitch. and 47. You know you’re better than everyone else.

    11. You get angry when someone says volleyball isn’t a hard sport.(hei,why don’t you try playing the sport you’re mocking to realize how meticulous this sport is!!)

    58. Slapping each other on the butt isn’t gay..its just funny!(am really excited to try that one na!!!hehehe)

    that’s all!!!

    • sLy-xy

      sorry,weak grammar alert,wrong uses of the words you’re and your,heheheh

    • Nicole Angelo C. Rome

      What volleyball game do you have in your computer?

  • eriQ

    hahaha… natawa ako talaga… pero may nabuo akong slogan dito… hehe

    “a volleyball player is not afraid of faliing…”
    nyahahaha… emo talaga …

    HAAAYYY!!!! i miss those days na naglalaro pa ako not so long ago.. haha… highschool pa ako nun.. kainiz…

    pero this september talaga, sasali ako sa sportsfest namin..!!!

  • Most of the terms are only applicable to females!

    But some of it applies to me… Does it mean I’m a volleyball player?! My gosh! hehehehe!


    Maybe I got too much exposure to players’ asses while taking photos!


    • You know you’re good in sports photography when…

      1. You can take photos as good as Mike Bartolo.

    • Naku maraming photographers ang magagalit pagnabasa nila yan…

  • For photographers who are obsess with volleyball:

    1. You know where middle & open is! And you know those are the sweetest spots for shooting a good action shot!
    2. If its a new team (women). The first thing you do is to scan for the prettiest player.
    3. You’ll notice that you are becoming a critic. Even though you don’t know what you are talking about.
    4. You become somewhat obsess with volleyball. It becomes your priority rather that your real work. Even you don’t earn money from it.
    5. The best compliment of your photos are from the players themselves.
    6. Spike shot, Block shot, Dig shot, Setting shot, Service shot, Emotional shot, Candid shot, Paparazzi shot. These are your photography terms when shooting a volleyball match.
    7. When there is a game you always scan the audience for any other famous volleyball player. And you ask to take a photo of them.
    8. You like shooting the defeated & crying team rather than the victorious team.
    9. You develop quick reflexes on dodging an incoming ball.

    *** these are based on personal experiences! hehehehe!

    • sLy-xy

      ..dodging especially if the ball is directly towards your slr camera.hehehe

    • I really don’t know but it becomes an instinct for me! Sometimes I’m dodging volleyballs without looking at it… hehehehe!

  • may i add some base on my experiences in elementary, high school and college days!!!
    1. we used to join the District meet, Palarong Maynila,NCR Meet in the open Field of rizal memorial tarck and field Oval when in the playing time the announcer would remind the people to leave the field bec. the runners and track stars were in teh field!!! Beware the shot-put, javelin and discuss throw event were also held!!! Ha Ha ha!! ka ka tense di ba ???
    2. May team pa noon na Barangay yung mga Volleyball players na di nakuha sa District or NCR meet kung saan they represent the Barangay Volleyball Team???
    3. Uso pa noon ang term na pagugulungin ang bola sa mga braso , kabig, lihis at baon!
    4. o kaya kapag tusok ang palo mo titigan at sisipatin mo ang mga blockers mo kung gaano kattangkad sila eh ikaw 5′ 6 lang !!! ha ha ha
    5. karamihan ng mga players ng DCS -public ay mag baklush- lahat kukikendeng kapag pumapalo!!! ewan yun kasi ang napannod ko sa isang plaro sa Rizal track and field- volleyball court- DCS public from- Torres, Araullo, Roxas, Mla. science- jst to name a few.
    6. Ang player naman ng DCDS=Public na babae puro tomboy at matatangkad talaga.
    7. I remember pa may magkapatid na Volleyball Player na babaengKambal from PUP yta!!!- nalilito ang Scorer at mga referees!!! ha ha ha.
    8. Laging magkaaway nag UST at FEU players and Fans- Student- yun maputi siya na mataray na bakla from FEU- nakipag-away sa student ng USt sa ninoy aquino stadium time pa nina Villarias,Zalardaand Jossie Vasquez, Tavera at Jane santos- Buquid yata!!!
    9. Uso pa noon ang makapal na Knne pad, Sa babae- panty shorts- sa llaki naman uso pa sina Mondero ng Airforce- The bad Boy of Philipine Volleyball era.
    10. inanabot ng ilang oras ang laban 3 to 4 hours yata dahil panay nag Side-out!!! ha ha ha
    11. At lastly kapag na- Zero mo nag kalaban talagng Kawawa ka !!! may lam akong ganyan na team during teh UAAP- NCAA Games noonyun ha!!!

  • badingerZ

    e ano naman ang signs kapag volleyball addict ka na? 😉

    1. * for females (and for those who assume to be one, hehe) – ipagpapalit mo na si chris tiu, simon atkins at gino etrone just to see jessie lopez, edjet mabbayad and russel raz

    2. second priority mo na ang basketball and boxing

    3. when you’re alone, you try to imitate how rachel daquis approaches the ball

    4. kapag alam mo na importante talaga ang libero

    5. everytime na may game, pakiramdam mo coach ka at naririnig ng players ang mga sinasabi mong “pointers”… hehe

    6. kapag kahit warm-up pa lang, malakas na ang tibok ng puso mo

    7. for males – nababawasan na ang pagiging homophobic mo, at sa females and gays naman, nagkakaroon na din ng crush kay su roces… hehe

    8. inggit na inggit ka sa thailand

    9. naiinggit ka din sa vietnam

    10. you imagine yourself wearing the swimsuit uniform of cuba

    11. pakiramdam mo mababaliw ka kapag nakita mo sa personal sina gamova, belikova, sokolova, chachkova, titchenko, aguero, ruiz, luis, barros, dias, fofao, mosser, cacciatori, piccininni… at malalaglag ang panga mo sa cuteness ni dante giba (i wonder how it feels to be …. naaah!!! hahaha)

    12. you’re wishing that there’s a milo volleyball clinics for grown-ups

    13. member ka ng volleyball blogs ang forums at ng fan orgs just like the “gelatins”

    15. you want to be an official of PVF

    16. you appreciate the not so popular leagues, even the lowly inter-barangays… hehe…

    17. o kaya for the simple reason that you love the game and willing to go out of your way to experience the excitement and a different high everytime you watch the games…

    ayan.. hehe.. personal experiences ko yan… 😉

    • haha 😀 tama nagccrush nga kay SUZZANE ROCES?!

  • 4theloveofthegame2

    “15. You have injuries on your knees, elbows, ankles, nneck, shoulders, back, head, etc.”

    madami ako niyan.. haha! including arms. hahaha! x( Missyou guys, ngayon lang ulit ako nakadaan dito. Hi kuya eriq, sly, pogzz. rieze! haha =p special mention! hehe

    >>*35. You’re not afraid of falling.* -haha. favorite ko yan! nyahaha

  • Spikeithard:
    8. You hated your school’s basketball team at one point because all the support and funds go to them.

    – YES!!! goes for track stars too!

    2. If its a new team (women). The first thing you do is to scan for the prettiest player.

    – Hahahahaha!

    8. You like shooting the defeated & crying team rather than the victorious team.

    – Guilty!

  • setter_05

    nice observations

  • setter_05

    here are some of my add-ons….

    a) you know that the meaning of a good float serve ay…. ung nababasa mo ang mikasa…

    b) volleyball player ka talaga kapag nakakatagal ka ng best of 7 sets kahit ang mga kalaro mo ay half your age lang…. at ikaw ay mid-forties na…. aray ku…

    c)talagang tinamaan ka na ng bola either sa palo or sa slip ng block ng teamates mo…. at me kantyawan na me Letter M sa noo mo galing sa Mikasa…

    d)pag nasa mall ka di pwedeng di mo tignan ung hilera ng nakadisplay na volleyballs sa Toby’s o sa Chris Sports.

    e)inis ka pag wala man lang coverage ng volleyball sa tv

    f)medyo ok sa iyo pag nag comment si Chiqui Roa sa mga volleyball games…

    yun lang at tara palo tayo

  • sunev_lanreb

    volleyball player ka pag nalinis mo na ang magkabilang court sa pamamagitan nang pawis mo!

  • ei-ghie12

    volleyball player ka pag:

    1. nakakain ka na nang mikasa
    2. overhead na ang services mo
    3. asar na asar ka sa admin nang school mo dahil hindi nagpadala ng volleyball sa prisaa or mga athletic meets
    4. mei sampung rolyo ka nang muller tape…
    5. pinupulikat ka after the game
    6. nangookray ka nang mga players sa court
    7. when you do major trashtalking…
    8. nakasali ka na sa mga liga at mga volleyball competitions
    9. maguUSTe ka lang or maglaLaSalle at iba pa para lang maging varsity
    10. meron kang sugat sa tuhod at sa siko
    11. andami mong pasa
    12. meron kang altar ni venus bernal na puro picture ña
    13. mei picture ka nila bernal sa pc mo
    14. kilala mu lahat nang players sa uaap at sa v-league
    15. napakain mo na nang bola ang mga kalaban!
    16. gumugulong gulong ka sa court at ang uniform mo ay sobrang dumi na dahil nalinis mo na ang buong court
    17. gustong mong panuorin ka nang mga kaibigan mo sa game mo
    18. naglalaro ka nang volleyball gamit ang invisble volleyball
    19. nahawakan mo na ang lahat ng volleyball sa isang sports haus
    20. nanenok mo na ang lahat ng volleyball sa school mo…

    -hehehe, based on experience ean! hahaha!

    • majoy

      prisaa?,..what school ka?,.

    • ei-ghie12

      st. mary’s pasay po…

  • niCz09

    amp.. nkakarelate aq za hloz lhat ng yan ah..
    pe0h pnaka nkakarelate aq za #s 11, 15, 17, 27, 35, 37, 42, 48. 50 at 53..

  • NiKkI LoU

    hekhek..kk2wa ,mga experiences nio la n ko mshare nsbi n lht…it means we know that we r volleyball players.hehe

  • bokz_bokz

    You are a volleyball player if:

    1. You think there are only there only 2 kindsa shoes: Asics and Mizuno
    2. There is always Leukoplast in your bag
    3. You practice setting or tossing when you get hold of a basketball
    4. Your most vivid daydream is making a pancake dive(slow-mo)in an olympic match complete with camera flashes and a rising audience in the background.
    5. You think basketball sucks.
    6. You think tall pinoys are a waste if they play basketball.
    7. You wonder when we will be able to win in the SEA Games again.
    8. You wait for the day when gay people finally play ping pong and leave volleyball forever (now you know why most guys stay away from volleyball)
    9. You think the best gift for your 16th birthday are high-end kneepads.
    10.Your first ever girlfriend was the setter of your high school team. 😉

  • Hey, I love the way that kaka plays…..



    1. puro pasa na katawan mo
    2. May ABS nang nabubuo
    3. namimiss mo mga important events like birthdays, wedding, etc
    4. times two na ang kain mo ngayon dahil kelangan mo ng energy :))
    5. super laki ng pata mo
    6. Tuhod mo nagiging hundred islands na
    7. Kahit may sprint ka, sabik na sabik parin maglaro
    8. nagiging kulay gray na ang puti mong t-shirt sa training
    9. syempre may MIZUNO or ASICS ka na vball shoes
    10. iniisip mo buong magdamag volleyball
    11. dedebateh kayo ng referee kasi ‘IN’ yung bola
    12. kelangan mo ng drinking fountain
    13. pag nakakita ng bola, kukunin agad at lalaruin
    14. umaayaw sa flat na bola. xempre naman?!
    15. pag nakita mo ang opponent mo sa isang league mabilis ang tibok ng puso
    16. nasusunog ang kulay mo tuwing summer dahil sa beach volley
    17. lumalaki na ang muscles sa unexpected body parts
    18. love na love mo ang jersey number mo
    19. Nagwiwild kapag di dala ang training kit
    20. Napuntahan na lahat ng volleyball camps
    21. Kahit anong bola hawak mo, ginagawang volleyball parin
    22. Lumalabas ang true colours sa COURT
    23. At one point, gusto mo patayin ang coach mo
    24. At one point, uber pasalamat ka rin sa coach mo
    25. At one point, sana mas mababa pa ang net para napasok mo ang bola
    26. Kelangan na kelangan mo talaga ang knee pads
    27. Natatakan ka na ng bola sa mukha mo
    28. Nakikipagdebateh ka sa lines men kasi naman out yun eh
    29. Alam mo na ikaw ang pinakamagaling na SETTER, or LIBERO or HITTER
    30. kasi regalo yun ng panginoon sau.
    31. Mas importante pa ang paglalaro ng volleyball kaysa homework
    32. Countless na ang mga jumps mo
    33. Nagkakaroon ka ng muscle pains
    34. Celebrate pag panalo xempre
    35. Kilala mo ang mga sikat na manlalaro ng volleyball
    36. Nanonood ka ng v-leagues, UAAP, olympics dahil sa volleyball
    37. Sana mas malawak ang court pag nagooffence ka
    38. Sana mas maliit ang court pag ikaw na ang magdedepensa
    39. Ibat ibang expression ng mukha mo ang lumalabas
    40. At one point, napa-utot ka na sa court
    41. Balibolista ka kasi alam mo ang mga position
    42. Napapaaway sa mga referee
    43. Nagagalit pag naiwan ang knee pads sa bahay
    44. Galit na galit sa basketball dahil mas pabor ang skul sa kanila
    45. Sarap na sarap ang feeling pag naka PANCAKE
    46. Mas nagiging confident kapag naBLOCK mo yung palo ng quick
    47. kapag alam mo na importante sa team ang libero (ako)
    48. magaling ka sumalo ng mga gamit na mahuhulog like libro
    49. tahanan mo ang practice court nyo
    50. nawawala ang mga problema mo kapag nasa court ka na.


    1. Una, bored ka panoorin.
    2. ayaw na ayaw mo.
    3. mababarkada ka sa volleyball players.
    4. sinimulan mo nang manuod ng games ng barkada mo.
    5. idol mo ang isa sakanila. specially yung setter.
    6. pinagaralan mo yung gnagawa niya. kahit di ka pa marunong mg-DIG
    7. P.E niyo, tsaka ka ngpakitang gilas.
    8. Nakita ka ng barkada mong varcty. marunong kang mag-TOSS.
    9. naging setter ka na ng Bestfriend mo sa lahat ng laro.
    10. Sinimulan mo nang matuwa sa UAAP at V-LEAGUE
    11. Nakita mo si DENISE TAN
    12. INSPIRED ka na dahil sa kanya.
    13. Nag-apply ka bilang varsity. SETTER ang play mo.
    14. Sinoportahan mo ang team ni DENISE TAN
    15. Affected ka pag nakikita mo siyang madapa, o matamaan ng bola.
    16. Affected ka pag talo UST.
    17. Nanunuod ka na ng live sa THE ARENA.
    18. tinatry mong mgpapic kay TAN kaso nahhya ka pa.
    19. Nagkaroon ka nag chance magpapic sakanya, kaso ayaw niya 😛
    20. Napagtanto monag masungit pla xa.
    21. Nanuod ka ng Game ng FEU
    22. Nakita mo si GONZALEZ
    23. Nagustuhan mo laro niya.
    24. Dalawa na idol mo.
    25. LALO kang nainspire sakanila.
    26. Di naman pala masungit si TAN ksi kahit isang beses nakapagpapic ka pa sakanya.
    27. Mahal na mahal mo na ang paggng SETTER.
    28. Sa susunod na district meet, 14 na ang # mo at pagbubutihin mo ang pagiging SETTER. XDDDDDDDD

    –experience ko. hha. XDDDDDDD

    • crush mo c denise no?

  • i agree. i agree. i agree! nyahaha.

  • xarzskie

    dagdag pa oh!!

    1. mahilig ka mang okray!!
    2. gustong gusto mong makitang salubong na ang kilay ng kalaban mo.
    3. nangangati kamay mo pag nakakakita ng bola.
    4. feeling mo mas magaling ka pa sa naglalaro pag nanunuod ka ng volleyball.
    5. proud ka pag nakalaro mo ung mga sikat sa volleyball like tan, daquis, laguilles..hihi (like me nung nag UNIVERSITY GAMES kami ng team..hahaii)
    6. pag nakalaro mo sila ang saya mo pag di nila na nadefend ang offenses mo..haha bleeehh!!
    7. kahit natalo ka masaya ka parin dahil nagshake hands kau ng mga idol mo..
    8. importante sau na dapat pumasok ang service mo pag last ball na..
    9. hindi ka nagdi-dink pag walang blocker..
    10. mahilig ka magnakaw (para sa mga setter yan!!)

    experiences din!!

  • jon del valle

    Share ko lang po….

    I played for the San Beda Volleyball Team (Midgets Division)(3 years), San Beda Volleyball Team (PRADA Juniors Division)(2 years), I wasn’t able to get to NCAA Juniors because my coach prioritized our graduating teammates, unfortuantely, due to academic problems, I was forced to leave the school,anyways, I studied in cavite, got to play for CISAA (Cavite Inter-Secondary Athletic Association)(1 year) and PRISAA (Private Schools Athletic Association)(1 year).

  • texas_vball_gurl

    you know your a volleyball plauer when…
    1. everything you say is referenced to volleyball. buy one size fits all kneepads and you can’t get them over your calves. practice hits by jumping off yout couch and hitting the strings that hang off your fan.

    • texas_vball_gurl

      all of the above have either happened or apply to me

  • ..pnu magjoin ng volleyball sa milo sports clinic?????

    • @hazel: i think tapos na milo vball sports clinics since halos patapus na summer, but just check their website for sure… i know another venue where you can possible get vball training, email me na lang at if you’re interested…

  • volleyball player ka kapag….

    kapag may puso ka maglaro during game…at kapag gusto mo mag enjoy habang naglalaro…..thats the real vbol player for me…

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