Charo Soriano: A volleyball player worth remembering

Charo Soriano

Name: Maria Rosario Bollozos Soriano
Position: Middle Blocker, Open Spiker

Birthday: October 14, 1985
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 58 kg

Schools/Teams: Colegio San Agustin, Poveda, Ateneo de Manila University
Course: AB Economics, Masters in Business Administration
Teams: Ateneo Women’s Volleyball Team

Achievements: UAAP – Season 66 Rookie of the Year, Season 70 Best Receiver and Season 70 Best Scorer, V-League – Season 4, 2nd Conference Most Energetic Player, Season 5 Most Improved Player and Season 5 Best Blocker

1. Why #8? And why did you move from being #14 to #8?
I like the #8 ever since. For me it symbol of infinity because of its never-ending loops. Related to infinity, for me the #8 portrays endlessness. And when I think about it now, it’s an accurate representation for my passion in volleyball – everlasting.

When I was a rookie, I chose #14 because my senior was using #8. But when she graduated, I was able to request my coach to change my jersey number to 8.

2. How did you first get into volleyball? How long have you been playing?
I started playing volleyball when I was a 7th grader at Colegio San Agustin. Carla Llaguno, my friend and former captain, asked me to join the team and I agreed. Then I transferred to Poveda and I tried out and got accepted in the team.

3. What are your greatest achievements/awards as a volleyball player?
I won the UAAP rookie of the year award last 2003. That, for me, is my most prized and most memorable since it was the first ever individual award that I got.

4. What makes a good volleyball player? Does height really matter?
Hmm… Height makes it easier, but it’s not all that matters. There are a lot of determinants of a good volleyball player; however, one of the more important determinants is having a willing heart.

5. You’ve played a lot of positions, right? Which is better? Open Spiker or Middle Blocker? Why?
Setter. Joke. Hehe As for the variety of plays, its better to be a middle hitter since you have a lot more options as to what plays you want to do.

6. If you’re not playing for Ateneo, what school do you want to play for? Why?
I guess I just can’t imagine playing for any other school…

7. Likewise, how did it feel to play for a school, which has a great sports program like Ateneo?
It felt like home.

8. During the last UAAP, aside from your team, which team was the toughest to go against with? Who’s the toughest player?
The toughest team to go against with was FEU. They had a very solid line-up, with players reliable in both defense and offense. Moreover, their main setter, Wendy Semana, is, in my opinion, the toughest player to go against with. Not only does she forecast her skills in the setting area, but she spikes the ball like she’s a seasoned hitter.

9. How about the recently concluded V-League? Which team and player were the toughest to go against with?
The toughest team to go against with was Adamson, evidently. As for the toughest player, I would have to say Bualee Jaroensri of San Sebastian. Aside from her honed skills, she plays with heart and determination.

10. What was your most memorable UAAP game? V-League moment?
For UAAP: It was just last season, against Adamson University, January 9. Both my teammates, Karla Belo and Bea Pascual got injured, one after the other, with minutes separating their accidents. Karla had a severe sprain and Bea suffered from an ACL injury. That game was very memorable for me. The team felt very emotional and sympathetic with both Karla and Bea.

For Vleague: It was during the 1st conference last year, against UST. We were on the 3rd set when our gust player, Namphon Intuan, had a terrible fall, which resulted to an ACL injury. We all felt devastated when we saw her limping her way out off the court with her tears flowing on her face. I didn’t understand Thai yet then, but I could see in her eyes how scared she was. She could have opted to go straight to the hospital but she didn’t want to. She was saying that she wanted to watch and finish the game, she wanted to cheer for the team. We won in 5 sets.

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my nanalo nah po buh?

lHab u.,ChARO!!!

mz.charo soriano..

;eloe po ! muxta aman
;emm one of ur fan fever..!
idol po kita nan sobra apao2x
;sana po mkita kita sa prsonal
;mamatz sa la’at 2x
;mamatz sa pgging mbuting player!
;dhil ur mei inspiration in volleyball!
;kip up da good work !
;olweiz be cheerful en friendly
;i know u deserve 2 be a best player in volleyball olweiz..
;sbi nla ill be da next soriano!!heehe
;fever idol ko po kau ni suzanne roces ng ssc-r !
;emm olweiz pray and cheer ur team go go lady eagles.. i big fight..
;bxta olweiz pray 2 bro kip it uplove kita ng apao2x..





hi charo!! i admire u when you’re playing volleyball!!! you’re a very good player as well as a very good person!! godbless keep up the good work!! i always sopport you and ADMU!!! gudluck

hi, bakit si mikmik laborte na ang coach ng admu

I just wanna say hello to ms,soriano. this is coming from Indonesia. I admire her so bad !

Good luck ateneo, you beat UST last Dec 19, 2009….more power

hello everyone…im a certified charonatics too..i love her very much..

alam mo prehas po tau

hey guyz u know idol q tlga c charo eversince i first saw her sna ma meet q ul8 xa 4 da 3rd tym i luv her plays i luv her attitude i luv ol her personality sna mkiss nea aq

i really em one of your avid two bad your not playing anymore, is it because of that injury, ive always watched your game guys, just go and win take care always.

my dearest charo soriano… idol! i really like you alot..keep on playing..and keep giving championships to the ateneo blue eagles..God bless you..

I only got familiar with her as ADMU asst. coach this 73rd season. I love my side of the fence, but hell yeah, the blue side does have such hottie head-turners and i hate to be so eagle-eyed on this account, hehehehe. Peace coach, and ganda mo, talaga lang…..

I was so excited to see charo play again in the super liga and the shakeys v-leauge. But is it just me or has anyone noticed that she droped a notch of her playing. Maybe because of the injuries she incurred over the years. Nevertheless I’m still a big fan!