Having Fun at the recently concluded Shakey’s V-League!!!

The Shakey’s V-league has already wrapped up and we still have a hang over. Congratulations to the Adamson Lady Falcons for bagging the title, likewise to the ADMU Lady Eagles for giving a good fight. Having these two formidable teams in the finals just spells the word battle.

Well, I just want to share with you guys the experiences V-league gave me that I will truly treasure:

  1. I was able to reunite with Aya and Slytherins, the people that I met here at Spikeithard whom I watched the UAAP Volleyball finals with, though were not complete because Chrisanne was not able to watch the games. It was also amusing to meet Beezy and Pogssz, fellow Spikeithard people. I never really expected to meet nice people in the cyberspace, but alas, I was acquainted with these fine people.
  2. We had the chance to meet Kuya Spikey, Ms. Shelly, Dumbgenious and Bart. It was really good to see the two moderators exchanging thoughts. I hope next time, Spikeithard.com, vleagueDotTk, and rpspikers.tk will have the time to converge and do some activities together.
  3. Getting acquainted to Jeremy Pedregosa gave me a blast since me and Aya were huge fans of his. The interview I had was just too much for me. Also we had the opportunity to have small talks with players such as Sang Laguilles, Mitch Segodine, and Nene Bautista (haay, I’m just an ADU fan), having the chance to shout “Happy Birthday Karla (Bello)” to which she returned with a “Thank you”, a nice smile and her cute “kaway” was a treat.
  4. I was definitely having fun whenever we play like we are the commentators or analysts criticizing and recognizing each plays. Staring at beautiful creatures also made our day. Aya even had the chance to be photographed with one of them.

The V-League was really an outlet for me, to the point that I made three absences from work just to catch the games. The games are over but I am pretty sure that there are more to come. Thanks for those moments and I hope to see you guys soon!

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*wipes tears*
Wow! Special mention ako…

Sana we can meet more spikey people next time…
Sorry rin di ako nakikipag-mingle..
may pagka sinto-sinto kasi ako… may sariling mundo…

We’ll surely miss v-league while it’s gone.
We all have our share of kwento’s from this conference…

@pogssz…. hahaha.. ok lang yun noh! at least we saw how pogssz you are… hahaha

It was nice meeting you eriQ and other volleyball fans too during the V-League 🙂 Hanggang sa muli.

the v-league had also been some sort of an outlet for me. going to the games had been therapeutic from the hustle and bustle of weekday life. i think i had two absences, too just to watch the games, plus a few times snucking out of the office. haha!

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