Volleyball Summer Sports Clinics by Milo Best

Someone emailed us at Spikeithard asking how and where they can have their daughter get world-class volleyball training this summer. And the first thing that came to mind was no other than Milo Best. The Milo Best Center has been around since the day I was playing holen back in grade school. I’ve always wanted to join a Milo Best Basketball Clinic when I was a kid but my parents never enrolled me. But that’s okay, I never would have ended up playing volleyball if I got addicted to basketball.

What sets them apart is their scientific way of teaching sports. Now this I always see whenever I get to watch their basketball and football sports clinics. But as for volleyball, I haven’t seen one yet. What I do know is that they get real volleyball coaches, trainers, and players to conduct their volleyball sports clinics. Do you know any famous volleyball player who’s a product of Milo Best?

From the Milo website:

The Summer Sports Clinics sponsored by Milo is a nationwide summer sports program that is now on its 26th year. Held from March ’til May, the program offers courses on badminton, basketball, bowling, chess, football, gymnastics, ice skating, karatedo, lawn tennis, muay, swimming, taekwondo, and volleyball. With trained and experienced professionals supervising each course, your child will certainly reap the many benefits of sports in a most enjoyable and effective way.

Volleyball Sports Clinics

So if you’re interested in getting your kids into volleyball or any of their 13 sports this summer through the Summer Sports Clinics by Milo, then download their registration form here. You can call the Milo Hotline at 914-7111.

For volleyball, you can call the organizers at (02) 372-3065 to 66 / 411-6260 or just go straight to one of the following venues and enroll there:

  • May 2 – 27, 2008
    every Tuesdays and Fridays 8:30-11:30am
    at Ateneo College Covered Courts,
    Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
  • May 5 – 29, 2008
    every Mondays and Thursdays 1-4pm
    at World Wide Corporate Center,
    Star Mall, Mandaluyong City

Summer Sports Clinics by Milo

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  • slytherinz

    hehehheh,d2 ba ko tuturuan ni jessie lopez magapproach at tumalon for spike,gusto ko ng one on one class with jessie,kaso kukulitin lang kami ng klasmeyt kong kids d2,hindi kami magkakaroon ng intimate moments ni jessie d2!!ahahahha

    • haha! sly tlga. ung mga bata sisisgawan ka! sasabihin “Kuya jessie! ang landi landi nito! hindi naman yan bata! echos. hahahahahahaha” =p joke

  • magkano ba bayad d2 for the whole session.?

    • Di ko natanong eh. Just call the Milo Hotline I guess…

    • un sa volleyball.. 2500 πŸ™‚ 8 sessions un.. =)

  • pogssz

    I want to join this…
    kaso, nung vinisit ko yung Milo site puro bata nga magiging classmate mo.
    tska ano ituturo nila? Ball handling? pano pag gusto ko na kung pano pumalo ala Edjet Mabbayad(sample lang)?

    at tama si Dee… Magkano?!

    • I think the Mile Summer Sports Clinic is really for beginners and KIDS!! Now if you wanna learn how to spike it as hard as Edjet Mabbayad does, then the best way is really to play competitive volleyball

      I can tag you along if you wanna play sometime, just lemme know…

    • badingerZ

      hehe… kuya spike, mag-volleyball clinic ka.. attend kami… hehe

  • pogssz

    Natakot naman ako dun kuya spikey… ayoko na lang pala. Mahal ko pa buhay ko.
    We, Spikey people, should set a day to play volleyball together…

    Isn’t that a cool idea. Volleyball fans trying to play the game.
    We could also invite pros.. like Cafranca!

    C’mmon! Who’s willing to organize?!

    • I’ve been suggesting that idea nga to DOTtk and rpspikers pipol nga eh. Kaso puro plano pa lang I guess. I’ve been super busy lately din kasi. Ako na nga bahala sa venue, sponsored by Spikeithard.

      The hard part really is how to organize this along with the other folks from the other volleyball sites. I’ll try to think this through with them muna then I’ll post a blog entry about this over here so we can call for volunteers to organize this πŸ™‚

      So isa ka na sa volunteers ha. In fact, you’ll be the head of one of the committees!! Haha

    • kuya, mas better kung sa ym natin pag usapan para tuluy tuloy ang discussion about sa volleyball game….im sure maraming sasali sa forum namin and were excited na to meet you all…

  • jayjay

    hi guys! i’m a newbie here but i love volleyball and i’m very much into the sport. i always read your posts and comments to update myself with the latest stuffs in the world of volleyball. great people here!

    anyway, i do hope that we could all play volleyball one time! hehe! i agree with pogssz’s suggestion and i’m sure that many would be looking forward to that proposal.

    mr. spikeithard thanks for the updates! hope to read more updates soon.

    • Thanks. Wanna blog for Spikeithard? Just lemme know so we can update your account…

  • dumbgenius

    just found out… wendy semana & majo cafranca of the uaap champion feu lady tamaraws are the instructors of this here milo best clinic =)

  • pogssz

    Bigyan daw ako ng trabaho… parang nagbago na isip ko… LOL!
    pero exciting to pag natuloy kuya spikey.

    Yey! post an entry where interested people can sign-up or something,
    so we can know kung posible talagang magmaterialize ito, o mananatili nalang na pangarap ang mga bagay bagay.

    • badingerZ

      so si pogsz ay isa na sa mga punong-abala? hahaa

    • pogssz

      Hoy! ito ay wala pang kasiguruhan… mabigat atang trabaho yan.
      Baka pumalpak lang ako. kakahiya.

      Participant na lang ako. OK na yun!

  • Terry Potter

    hi I recently came to stay a while in Cebu and now im thinking of staying here.I was coach to the England cadet Girls team a few years ago but i became ill and retired. However, i am not fit again and am interested in returning to the sport. Its all new to me here, can you advise me? I am qualified as an accredited FIVB coach. I was aslo voted the top coach of junior performers in all sports in the UK in my time as a volleyball coach. Please advise me!
    Terry Potter

  • pogssz

    Terry, don’t worry; I’ll just send a *patronous if ever the plans materialize.
    Just visit Kuya Spikey’s site to keep yourself informed.

    *patronous= email, snail mail, or any mode of communication in the muggle world.
    LOL! πŸ˜€

  • Weng

    I’ve been to Ateneo College Covered Courts last Friday πŸ™‚ Almost all of the coaches there are from FEU. I saw Jessie Lopez, Edjet Mabbayad, Wendy Semana, Kenneth Manahan, and Coach George. But Majo Cafranca is also one of the coaches but I didn’t saw her last Friday. Hehehe.

    • aww.. dmi tlga coaches..12 ata cla.. =]
      really? mai friend or relative kba n nag join dun? πŸ™‚

  • Majo… music to my ears…

  • eLo πŸ™‚ just new in here πŸ™‚
    btw.. until may 27 lan un session nila sa lahat ng branch..
    and.. sa ateneo un nganap πŸ™‚
    sna nag watch keo. hahah. =]

  • jarlyn

    Hehehe. Masaya dito. Enrolled ako dyan last session. πŸ™‚

    • bryan

      ano mga tinuturo? basics lang ba? effective?

  • Jayson Joaquin

    I’m in need of guidelines and objective per session for a volleyball clinic.
    Usually sa Milo po ba ilang session? And ilang hours per session?
    How much is registration po…. Tnx

    Baka gusto nyo po mag sponsor spikeithard.com πŸ™‚

    pls email me…

  • Inna

    hhmn, cno po yung magcocoach sa madaluyong city?
    saka ano po ba yung kadalasang age na mageenroll
    and kung ano po yung mga ituturo..
    basics lang po ba?
    or magtuturo din kung pano pumalo..

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  • ellaine atendido

    magkano ang bayad for the volleyball whole sesions?

  • Jerome

    just want to ask if you can also serve companies/employees who wants to learn volleyball. girls and boys team specially between 25-40 that needs sports like me.


  • maganda n sana kasooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • tanung ko lang po kung panu ko po mapapasali ang aking anak sa milo club gusto ko po kc sya ienroll eh….tnx

  • M2S

    meron b volleyball training for 25 above ang age… s qc lng.. how much?

  • kk13

    Do you think starting joining milo sports clinic at the age of 13 is awkward?

  • i wish to play for milofootballclinic

  • i wish to play because i am capable to play football

  • i wish to play the milo football clinic because i am capable to play with any club

  • if you allow me to play i will show and give you my best

  • any volleyball schools in makati or manila? im a student in De la Salle College of sain benilde and im planning to join the varsity next school yr.. i want to improve my spiking..:D

    • @Luisa: You should approach your school’s varsity volleyball team and ask if maybe you can join their ‘training pool’ if they have one πŸ™‚

  • pano po ako CAPTAINi BALL po ako nang school namin but i wanna learn more about VOLLEY BALL pano yun. quallified ba ko sa MILO?

  • cindy garcia

    Dear Milo,

    Do you have summer volleyball clinic here in Las Pinas? You send us the details through my email. Thanks.

    Cindy Garcia

  • ..Pno mgjoin dito sa milo sports clinic (volleyball) i want to join..how?

  • ..pnu poh mag fill up dun?

  • j

    i hope u can have the same clinic here in cebu…

  • j

    i always look forward for the MILO SUMMER SPORTS CLINIC every summer hoping they will have the same camp here in CEBU….or MACTAN…

  • Fredo

    Magkano po ung sa Basketball ? 2013