San Sebastian wallpaper by John Yco

Here’s another wallpaper creation submitted by John Yco. He made a wallpaper of the San Sebastian Lady Stags. John is a huge volleyball fan. Aside from the Lady Stags, he also loves the Adamson team. His favorite players are: Chie Saet, Charisse Ancheta, and Jacky So.

Coincidentally, John’s favorite teams are the top two teams that are likely to reach the finals of the ongoing Shakey’s V-league Season 5. I know it’s too early to make predictions but the Falcons and the Lady Stags seem to be determined to win a championship. Why these two teams?

Because Adamson fell short of capturing the UAAP 70 Women’s Volleyball championship when they lost to FEU. San Sebastian College on the other hand, failed to capture the last Shakey’s V-league championship when they lost to UST. And guess what, both of these Finals games lasted in 5 sets!!! So you see, both Adamson and San Sebastian are really raring to get that elusive championship crown this time around.

San Sebastian wallpaper by John Yco

Spikeithard gets wallpaper contributions once in a while. Thanks to the multitude of volleyball fans out there. Next time, there’s really no need to ask permission from us if you’re planning to get photos at the Photo Gallery section for use in creating volleyball wallpapers. Just be sure to share us and the fans your artworks!

You can download more volleyball wallpapers at the Downloads section.

(To John Yco: Can you make a special wallpaper of Ms. Mary Jane Pepito? I’ll send you selected photos of her. I’ve been getting a lot of requests on this. Hope you have the time. Thanks.)

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