De La Salle’s four wins nullified

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Just when you think they learned their lesson

The DLSU women’s volleyball team will forfeit all their games where Jackie Alarca played. It was discovered that she is not enrolled for the semester and is on Leave of Absence status.

Honestly, you’d think that after their previous brouhaha they’d be more stringent and careful. And how can coach Ramil and the manager not know? How can Jackie’s teammates not know? Sayang kasi they have a good team and they’re fun to watch.

Two years wasted. Damn.

So I guess Ateneo’s in the final four since there will no longer be any play-off. If anyone’s going to spin this into some gloating story then screw you. No one is happy about it. Spoke about this with some coaches and players from Ateneo and other UAAP schools and no one is thrilled. It’s a damned tragedy that’s what it is.

Posted by Rick Olivares

Here’s another article on the issue posted at Journal Online tabloid:

La Salle’s loss is Ateneo’s gain

THE UAAP Board yesterday nullified La Salle’s four wins in the women’s volleyball tournament due to ‘technicality’ in ace blocker Jackie Alarca’s eligibility.

The league found out that Alarca, the league’s top blocker, submitted her leave of absence in the school’s third semester enrolment last Jan. 7, thinking that she can play for the Lady Archers for the rest of Season 70. However, according to UAAP rules, a player must have to be student of his/her school until the end of the tournament.

With this development, Ateneo made school history without a sweat, clinching its first-ever semifinal appearance in the league even before they face Far Eastern University today at the last day of the eliminations at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum.

“(The) UAAP board had an emergency board meeting this morning (yesterday) to discuss the issue. La Salle’s wins have been forfeited only after Jan. 15 wherein her (Alarca) LOA was approved by her university and only the games where she played,” said Brenn Perez, the league’s eligibility committee head.

Among those wins that was nullified by the UAAP Board was the Lady Archers’ four-set victory against the Lady Eagles last Jan. 30.

The other forfeited wins by La Salle are against National University at the end of the first round, and against University of the Philippines and University of the East in the second round.

Bro. Bernie Oca, La Salle’s UAAP board representative, acknowledged the mistake.

(Theodore P. Jurado)

And another one entitled “UAAP: Ineligibility woes haunt La Salle anew“, this time from the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Just go here to read their article.

Ouch. Why La Salle, WHY???

Like Rick, I have no idea how to spin this in a positive way. This is just a damn travesty to the sport of volleyball and yet another setback for the La Salle sports program. Look, I have nothing against La Salle, but..

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Good luck to the rest of the teams, may the games be exciting so we could all forget this horrendous saga. Again.

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I wanna hear the side of Alarca and DLSU first before I comment on this issue…

But if ever this is true, I feel so sorry for Jacq and the DLSU WVT… Sayang lahat ng pinaghirapan nila and Jacq is even bound to receive two major awards (Best Blocker and Best Server) tapos everything will yield to nothing because of this…

But I can’t help but wonder, If a student of DLSU is on leave of absence status, he/she is not allowed to enter the university premises… Everytime, he/she scans her ID on the computers located at every gate of the university, it will be shown, and there’s even a sound, that the student is on LOA status… Alarca is seen everywhere in DLSU so how could this happened… Pwede pa siguro if she’s only seen at Enrique Razon Sports Complex, madalas kasi when guards know na athletes yung pumapasok, they don’t let them scan their ID’s anymore at pinapapasok na lang sila ng diretso… But that’s not the scenario, she’s scene everywhere in DLSU… So, how could this have happened…

Errr… Just when everything seems to go DLSU’s way, ganito pa!

Hmmmm… One is enough! Two is too much! Grrr…

Another thing is, DLSU requires every athlete to submit his/her enrollment assessment form before they are being allowed to play and receive their allowance, if ever they are under athletic scholarship…

Unless, Alarca is holding an approved copy of her leave of absence FOR THIS TRIMESTER, no blame must be put on her… It’s not even clear on whether Jan. 15 was the day she filed her LOA, the day it was approved, or the day that her application was processed… Also, the period of the days where a student will be on leave is determined by trimesters and not by dates… It is also possible that she filled an LOA for a different trimester…

All of us are confused about this issue so we better wait for the official statements that will come from Alarca and the DLSU before we make further conclusions…

what?!?!?!?1 aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!

i was so sure DLSU would go to the semis!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

UAAP: Ineligibility woes haunt La Salle anew
Philippine Daily Inquirer

AN “HONEST MISTAKE” FORCED the La Salle women’s volleyball team to drop its bid for redemption just a year after returning from suspension in the UAAP.

The Lady Archers forfeited all their victories in the second round when Jacqueline Alarca, La Salle’s top scorer and the league’s leading blocker and server, continued to compete in the league even after filing a league of absence (LOA) from the university.

Rolando Perez, head of the UAAP eligibility committee, said La Salle’s wins will be disregarded starting Jan. 15, the date the school approved the LOA of the 5-foot-9 spiker.

As a result, the Lady Archers foiled their shot at the Final Four as their 6-7 win-loss record dropped to 2-11.

“She decided to go on LOA thinking that she’s already eligible because the tournament has started,” Bro. Bernie Oca, La Salle’s representative to the UAAP, said after yesterday’s emergency board meeting.

“It was an oversight on our part. The rule says the player has to be a student until the end of the tournament.”

The Lady Archers missed a chance to win four straight championships last season when the UAAP imposed a one-year suspension on La Salle in all sports due to the men’s basketball eligibility scandal.

But this year, Alarca kept the Lady Archers semifinal hopes alive after winning four of their last seven games.

“It was an honest mistake,” said Oca, noting that the confusion rose from La Salle’s different academic calendar, which is a three-term system instead of the common two-semester school year.

“She passed the eligibility in the second term and enrolled in the third term. The problem was most of the women’s games during the third term were on Thursday [and it conflicted with her class schedule] so she decided to go on leave.”

University of Santo Tomas, though, will try to put attention back on court when its men and women’s volleyball teams shoot for key victories Sunday.

Unbeaten in 13 games, the Tigers will try to complete an elimination round sweep versus the second-ranking Far Eastern Tamaraws (12-1 win-loss) at 2 p.m. Sunday at the UP Gym.

But even if the Tigers pull off the feat, they still have to got through the Final Four.

The Tigresses (11-2) are also up for a crucial game against the league-leading Adamson Lady Falcons (12-1) at 2 p.m., followed by the 4 p.m. clash between FEU (11-2) and Ateneo (7-6) at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum.

Victories by UST and FEU will forge a three-way tie with Adamson for the top spot at 12-1.

In football, Ateneo (6-0-2 win-draw-loss) will try to stay on top in men’s action against UP at the Erenchun Field in Ateneo, while defending champion FEU (5-1-1) will try to sustain its dominating form in the distaff side versus UST at 3 p.m. at the Ocampo Field.

UST and UP (7-1) will try to stay ahead of the baseball pack against separate foes Sunday.

Now Ateneo fans need not worry if their favorite team will be able to reach the semi-finals or not… I just hope that they’ll be happy because their favorite team reached the final four and not because of what happened to DLSU… Since, my school has no chances of entering the semis anymore, I’ll now cheer for the Lady Eagles…

another case of “akala ko eh” they should first ask somebody before anyone of them allowed “alarca” or did she not tell anyone about her actions,sayang,i dont care kung sila makapasok,basta magkaruon lang sila ng playoffs with ateneo,gustu ka talaga nanunuod ng labanan ng mga rich and famous,tapos ala na,i’m so sad for the entire team,nadagdagan na naman ang drama ng UAAP kaso less action kasi wala ng playoofs,hayz,


that is sooooooooooo sad…

i like alarca a lot…grrrr…

hayz!gusto ko talaga makapasok ADMU sa final four pero xempre not this way…kawawa naman La Salle,,,,sayang mga pinaghirapan nila.Nwei,bawi n lng cla next season.wala eh,ngyari na.Gudluck sa ADMU and the rest of the team!!!Go Charo!^_^

CHARO LEADS HER TEAM TO FINAL 4!as Promised!!!!hehehe and now debates of her grabbing the “mvp award” will fade coz their team reached the fourth spot..she is now legal no. 1 contender for the mvp award,go ateneo,ungusan nyu adamson,


who is now or best blocker and best server

Best Server:laguiles
BEst Blocker:???

^ Celine Hernandez of DLSU will get the Best Blocker award unless Dani Castaneda of UP will produce a lot of block points from todays game… Only regular season games will be counted for the awards, meaning the 14 games during the elimination round plus the play-offs, if there will be any…

It is another tragedy for the DLSU sports system, since they just came back from a suspension. Here we go again, it is still the same story—-players eligibility or status. Only Jackie Alarca could clarify this issue, and her intentions why she continued to play when DLSU approved her LOA. I think, this is not a honest mistake on the part of the team manager and coaches, because in any tournament, such as UAAP, rules and regulations are approved by the board and be implemented strictly. All schools or teams must be guided accordingly. Once again, truth prevailed over the evil thoughts of some to covert this issue. Maybe, they thought, they could get away with it until someone revealed it to the UAAP board. It has been over a month already when this issue was discovered. So, it is fair enough for the UAAP board to nullify all the games where Alarca played. It maybe harsh, but it is fair and firm. To DLSU team: Please read again the rules and regulations and be guided accordingly. This is a shame to the sport when people try to circumvent what is stated in the rules and regulations. Will DLSU be suspended for the second time around? Besides the nullification of the games, what will be the future sanctions to DLSU? Who will now be the best blocker?

^ Celine Hernandez, also from DLSU, will be the Best Blocker… As for the Best Server, it’s between ADU’s Sang Laguilles, Angela Benting, Jackie So, UST’s Ging Balse, and FEU’s Rachelle Anne Daquis (also last season’s Best Server)

I don’t think there will be any suspension because the nullfication of games was the final decision of the UAAP Board on this matter…

kaya pala nakapasok ang ateneo sa final four. panibagong controversy na naman ang la salle, anu ba yan….. sayang naman….sad news to sa mga la salista dyan… 🙁

another twist in season 70 women’s volleyball.. dami na tlaga nangyayari this season. haAy..

Nope La salle is not suspended this season…It was an honest mistake because it was lasalle who actually withdrew their team. the team will still receive any award, if there will be any.

rma you are acusing without any basis…your judgement is too unfair…

whaah, syang nman…but this will lead the lady eagles to the finals…!hahahahha….

Hope this doesn’t affect DLSU’s morale as a team, at sana din di sila masuspend ulit. They already have a good team now so mas magiging magaling sila next year.

Confusing kasi yung quarterly system ng La Salle eh…

charo I think is very young really to be working after her season in uaap.I think she should enjoy at the penacle of the sports shes into,shes now very popular in womens volleyble in this era now, she should grab every opportunity at hand, she could earn more from indorsement and commercials, she can even help the Philippine Nat’l Team elevate on the top in womens volleyball asia. Working after graduation can wait, but being a volleyballplayer while you were still young was i think a experience and adventure for once in a lifetime and a rare opportunity for a person to achieve.So to Miss charo Soriano-we,your fans are looking forward to see you play in the future after your graduation, you make us happy and interested in watching volleyball live and even in our tv sets, we hope to see you soon in v-league conference next year or even in 2010, we enjoy watching you in the court and tv interviews you had for the past couple of months. Youre pretty, lovable, smart and nice person and we hope that you will stay that way either, more power to you and to ur volleyball career, May God blessed you always,we youre fans loves you very much gud luck charo soriano

Shucks! ano nang nangyari school namin!! mababaon n naman kmi s eskandalo..
Ang nakapagtataka.. naka-LOA c alarca this 3rd term, yet i see her at school.. I SWEAR!!
The tri-sem system is really confusing to the varsity players of DLSU (most esp. to the sports played during the second sem – ex. indoor volleyball, football) bcoz UAAP follows the semestral system and the players already made their adjustment to their profs, classes and schedules during the 2nd term and now they have to do it again..
But i think DLSU will not be suspended for nxt year’s UAAP.. It’s already enough punishment of the nullification of the games.. Unlike the one with the men’s basketball team.. They discovered Benitez’ anomaly two years since he started playing.. and for me, DLSU really deserved to be suspended..
Sayang nga lang bcoz a play-off for the 4th spot in the Final Four would be very exciting, most especially against our arch-rival school.. Bawi n lang next year..

i hope feu can win this time, i know UST can play very well even in hard, tough times, and under pressure, they need to win this match to prove that they still deserve the championship, but if FEU will going to play and show what they did on their last two matches with the latter, and be even wiser, more quick and smarter, and add more combinations on their attacks, be more excellent in floor defense, and try to block evrytime the opponent is attacking and always have high confidence on their abilities, i think they can still beat ust, and i also think that upto these days FEU is the only team in the UAAP that does have the power to beat UST, and it is proven may times… am crossing my fingers on wednesday warfare…i hope that may favorite team perform well and even better…

am really praying for them to win and am not going to work just to watch the game hehehe… thats how i love my team and thats how i trusted them…

well i dont think it is another la salle sports scandal or whatsoever…Brother Oca of La salle acknowledged it as “honest Mistake” so dont think that DLSU is playing dirty again.

DLSU officials should learn from its mistakes, honest or not. Kawawa yung players na nagpakahirap buong season.

if only laborte, pascual, and Intuan are now playing with ateneo in season 70, for sure ateneo is a hard to beat team and charo will have a lot of support specially Intuan who is in great shape.go ateneo

HI PO!!!





we cant just set aside the issue of dirty plying by just an honest-mistake it-self since it happened before…. tsk tsk haaay! sayang si alarca! may potential pa namn xa!

kahit matagal na issue na to,gusto ko lng magbgy ng comment…
super like ko ang lasal..kya suuupppeeeerrr naasar tlga ko sa nangyri…naniniwla ako na kung di nangyri to,cla makakpasok sa semis at hnd ateneo..kasi mas malakas cla and mrmi ang gumgwa,unlike sa admu na parang c charo lng…kya naman super taas ng score nya every game..pero wla akong bad comment ky charo kasi magalng naman tlga xa and pretty pa..mabalik nlng tau sa lasal..
like ko kau pero bat ba puro kadayaan ang nangyayari?? sayang tuloy ung effort nyo..bat naman ganon..sayang!! ang dami pa namang magagaling na playrs,lalo na c steph…nakakalungkot lng kasi bka wala na naman cla next season..wag naman sana…bti nlng my vlg pa…
hay naku…dahil wala na lasal,,,feu adu nlng ako…uste?? kasawa na..iba naman..hahaha
charo for mvp?? pwede….
super laki ng improvemnt…kw nlng ung most improved player!! hahahaha
ang mvp ko tlga c semana!!! wahaha..maiba lng..magaling namn tlga xa db?? hehe
setter?? ed c keng!! go keng..
best blocker,malamang sa lasal or uste kumuha..
cno sa finals?? ed feu adu!! hehe
pano ba format?? 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 parn??? sana manalo adu later.para admu lng kalaban nla..para sure sa finals..haha

mahilig ata magpasuspend ang lasalle? pangalawa na yan a! hehehehehe

season 5 shakeys v league womens volleyball
game live at san juan arena(come and see)
Sun 30 March 2008
1 p.m. Opening Ceremonies (Telecast date, March 31)
2 p.m Ateneo vs Lyceum (Telecast date, March 31)
4 p.m. San Sebastian vs St. Benilde (Telecast date, April 1)
Venue: San Juan Arena

Tues 01 April
2 p.m. Lyceum vs ADU (Telecast date, Wed April 2)
4 p.m. St. Benilde vs FEU (Telecast date, Thur April 3)
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Friday 04 April
2 p.m. ADMU vs St. Benilde (Telecast date, Sat April 5)
4 p.m. SSC vs Lyceum (Telecast date, Sun April 6)
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Sunday 06 April
12 nn. Lyceum vs FEU (Telecast date, Mon April 7)
2 p.m. ADU vs Ateneo (Telecast date, Tue April 8 )
Venue: San Juan Arena

Tuesday 08 April
2 p.m. San Sebastian vs Adamson (Telecast date, Wed April 9)
4 p.m. FEU vs Ateneo (Telecast date, Thursday April 10)
Venue: San Juan Arena

Friday 11 April
2 p.m. FEU vs San Sebastian (Telecast date, Saturday April 12)
4 p.m. Adamson vs St. Benilde (Telecast date, Sun April 13)
Venue: San Juan Arena

Sun 13 April
12 nn. Ateneo vs San Sebastian (Telecast date, Mon April 14)
2 p.m. Adamson vs FEU (Telecast date, Tues April 15)
Venue: San Juan Arena

Fri 18 April
2 p.m. St. Benilde vs Lyceum (Telecast date, Sat April 19)
Venue: San Juan Arena


whew,,, wat else can i sey, makalasalle aq… i wud feel bad if dat will be the case coz sayang nmn ung pinaghirapan ng mga lady archers… and 1 mor thing deserv nmn ng lasalle n mka[pxok s smis… mggaling cla en dey are ol putting up der best juz 2 make it 2 the top… pusst,,, bsta gogogo lasalle kea yn… go jacq…!!!!~~

its not the best song but its pretty cool

my gosh..

thank god

lasalle is on the game..

mawawalan na ng thrill

ang laban….

ng pla..

kitakitz next finals..

true blooded LASALLISTA..

[…] always seem to find itself in such controversies, that puzzles a lot of fans. Not too long ago, the Jacqueline Alarca controversy resulted to DLSU dropping down from the final four because of game forfeitures back in […]