Shakeys’ V-League Semi-Finalists

The Elimination Round for the Shakey’s V-League Season 4 Second Conference has ended. Last November 12 (Monday), Ateneo defeated FEU in 5 sets: 25-20, 14-25, 12-25, 27-25, 15-11 while UST defeated San Sebastian in 4 sets: 21-25, 25-19, 25-9, 25-16. Last November 13 (Tuesday), San Sebastian defeated Letran in 3 sets: 25-17, 25-10, 25-11. After 28 exciting matches from the 8 volleyball teams for the V-League Elimination Round, here’s the final team rankings:

Shakeys’ V-League Team Rankings after the Elimination Round

The following teams made it to the Semi-Finals: UST, San Sebastian, Ateneo, Adamson, and De La Salle. Here’s the Semi-Finals game schedule:

Shakey’s V-League Season 4 Second Conference Semi-Finals game schedule

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  • jean

    I always love watching shakeys v-league.During my vacant time or I dont have a class,I went home early just to watch and witness the fantastic moves of UST players and etc.Sayang nga lang at nakasali sa semi ang FEU.
    WEndy Semana is one of my idol,she has extraordinary moves,versatile.She can spike hard,can set well and can dig well.She’ve got all the moves of a good player.

  • zel

    go suzanne

  • Leo

    go dlsu! fight for champion

  • go ust tigresses….
    tabaquero we’re the best among the best….

  • tabaquero i luv u…….
    roces pang beauty queen ung dating pwede mag artista…..go girls!!!!!!

  • soriano of ateneo
    napaka hambog….
    feeling xa maxado eh kalevel lng nya c wewe….joke!!!!!!!

  • miles

    ^How come I have a feeling that the three posters above are just one?

    -time intervals are 10:23-10:26 AM of November 20.
    -another is the ellipses
    -one would be the overuse of “ENTER” in the keyboard
    -the many exclamation points

  • @MILES: You’re right. Same IP addresses. That’s what you call link-baiting. The “poster” most likely owns the domain shakeysv-league[dot]com parked with lots of ads to his credit! Spammer in other words, but hey, his comments are valid. Hehe.

  • miles

    ^Haha. Marcvill, I think nagalit ang Ateneo. They won over La Salle a while ago in 4 sets. My school got beaten again by Ateneo. Haha.

  • lyn tua

    atheans’s are down 2 earth…ehem ehem
    in tagalog mga hampas-lupa?! =)

  • arci

    hahaha… wag ganun bad yun.. ako ayaw ko na rin talaga sa ateneo ngayon dahil kay kesinee.. mayabang kasi e.. i was still hoping for a dlsu-ust finals pa naman.. kahit na medyo hirap ang dlsu humabol.. pero kaya pa sana e.. nakakairita yung ateneo.. ust-ssc would be ok too.. naku pag ateneo-ssc pupunta talaga ako sa the arena para magcheer sa ssc!!

  • miles

    Well a lot of UST fans like Kesinee. Haha. Bilang ang mga hindi.

  • rodvill

    my championship game pb???? dpat wala na… ang final game dis conference dapat ay for the runner up nlang kc UST rin mgchachampion… hehehehe……. angeli ang ganda ng hairstyle….

  • arci

    yung mga friends ko from ust mas gusto si bualee over kesinee.. ako rin.. mas gusto ko talaga si bualee..

  • camille

    halimaw tlg kau sa court!..sna mapanood ko kau ng live!..hahaha..

    laborte at kanchana sna mglaro ule kau..
    carolino sna ikaw din..

  • miles

    ^Wait next season. It is possible that one team will ask Laborte, Carolino and either Kesinee or Kanchana to be their guest players. Haha. Well, it’s kind of obvious who but organizers said they are planning to have a league where schools can have 3 guest players or either a commercial league with no limit of guest players. This is so because the league will be affected with a lot of graduation of a lot of players. Look at my list below on who will graduate on each team:

    Adamson – Jackie So, Janet Serafica, Jill Gustillo and Sang Laguilles
    Ateneo – Charo Soriano, Karla Bello and Patti Taganas
    FEU – Wendy Semana, Chel Daquis, Ann Abanto and Jo Cafranca
    La Salle – Chi Saet, Illa Santos, Michelle Datuin and Carla Llaguno
    UST – Ging Balse, Vhen Bernal, Joanne Torrijos and Vida Gutierrez

    San Sebastian – Jinni Mondejar, Luann Latigay, Mraga Pepito, Cha Ancheta and Sasa Devanadera
    Letran – Bang Pantaleon and Joy Cases

    Lyceum – She Carrillo, Bev Boto, Badet Satsatin, Grace Babalo, Joan Fernando and Jane Jarin

    You see, this will be a big loss if they will only allow around 1 or 2 guest players. There will be less excitement.

    • kidd


  • arci

    waaa… wala na nga kwenta v-league pag 1-2 lang guest players. Puro key players ang gagraduate ano ba yun! puro setter at best attackers pa ang mawawala.. lolz…

  • jomz USA

    hey guys… what’s up! i love watching VLeague especially when MAUREEN PENETRANTE plays the game…..

  • rodvill

    give chance to others nman n mgpakita…. ok lng if filipino guest players lng… kc if tutuusin with the thai imports pgdating sa international games kilala n nila tayo… alam n nila babantayan…. pero sa thai klala b ntin cla??? ngiging scout ng thai ang mga pinagkukuha nting players nila….. GISING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ateneo win against lyceum in their opening season 5 game in shakeys v league is sign of luck.get well soon bea pascual i hope you can now play with ur team ateneo,youre blocking services is badly needed. congrats to their guest player from thailand, she played a spectacular game last 30 mar at san juan arena, good job miss patty, charo, quimpo and acevedo they played very well last sunday. season 5 shakeys v league now are more fun and exciting to watch because there are lots of pretty new face are now aboard and playing in season from visayas region school and NCAA team, they also play volleyball game very relentless, see you dude

    [reply to this comment]

    March 31st, 2008 at 7:07 pm
    jesson :
    charo patty and bello are still playing in season 5 shakeys v league, i saw them last sunday. they improve a lot specially in blocking where a volleyball team can win a championship if they concentrate on blocking consistently, congrats to ateneo

    [reply to this comment]

    March 31st, 2008 at 7:14 pm
    jesson :
    i saw also devanadera and latigay from san sebastian they played also a spectacular game last sunday, season 5 volleyball i think now is a very hard competition between this two top caliber team ateneo and ssc. let see what they do now inside the court

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    Spike it Hard : For the love of Volleyball Says:

    April 3rd, 2008 at 5:29 pm
    […] attack? Miles: Haha. I love backrow attacks especially the ones from Bualee of San Sebastian and Charo Soriano of […]

    jesson Says:

    April 3rd, 2008 at 10:24 pm
    season 5 shakeys v league womens volleyball
    game live at san juan arena(come and see)
    Sun 30 March 2008
    1 p.m. Opening Ceremonies (Telecast date, March 31)
    2 p.m Ateneo vs Lyceum (Telecast date, March 31)
    4 p.m. San Sebastian vs St. Benilde (Telecast date, April 1)
    Venue: San Juan Arena

    Tues 01 April
    2 p.m. Lyceum vs ADU (Telecast date, Wed April 2)
    4 p.m. St. Benilde vs FEU (Telecast date, Thur April 3)
    Venue: San Juan Arena

    Friday 04 April
    2 p.m. ADMU vs St. Benilde (Telecast date, Sat April 5)
    4 p.m. SSC vs Lyceum (Telecast date, Sun April 6)
    Venue: San Juan Arena

    Sunday 06 April
    12 nn. Lyceum vs FEU (Telecast date, Mon April 7)
    2 p.m. ADU vs Ateneo (Telecast date, Tue April 8 )
    Venue: San Juan Arena

    Tuesday 08 April
    2 p.m. San Sebastian vs Adamson (Telecast date, Wed April 9)
    4 p.m. FEU vs Ateneo (Telecast date, Thursday April 10)
    Venue: San Juan Arena

    Friday 11 April
    2 p.m. FEU vs San Sebastian (Telecast date, Saturday April 12)
    4 p.m. Adamson vs St. Benilde (Telecast date, Sun April 13)
    Venue: San Juan Arena

    Sun 13 April
    12 nn. Ateneo vs San Sebastian (Telecast date, Mon April 14)
    2 p.m. Adamson vs FEU (Telecast date, Tues April 15)
    Venue: San Juan Arena

    Fri 18 April
    2 p.m. St. Benilde vs Lyceum (Telecast date, Sat April 19)
    Venue: San Juan Arena


  • kidd

    gusto ko lng makilala c marigail tolentino ng FEU

  • rhai rhai

    i love de la salle players..